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5 Reasons Every Creative Must Download the FENIX360 App Today 


5 Reasons Every Creative Must Download the FENIX360 App Today 

5 Reasons Every Creative Must Download the FENIX360 App Today 

Launched on August 2nd, 2020, FENIX360 is a revolutionary app that promises to disrupt the entertainment and creative industries as we know it!


Often described by developers as the platform where blockchain and art meet, FENIX360 is specifically developed to better connect artists and fans, establishing an even more symbiotic relationship between the two.


Below are 5 reasons why every creative must download the FENIX360 app today:


1. Grow your fanbase.

FENIX360 is designed to give independent artists a fair go in the music and other art industries by providing a platform that allows them to access new fans globally. With the innovative platform, artists can use their customized landing page on the app to open communication channels with their fans, test new art and get feedback that’ll make their art even better.


2. Monetize Your Craft

Despite there being tens of millions of artists worldwide, only a small number of them make a decent living from their craft. For artists who struggle to make an appropriate living, FENIX360 provides them their own platform with a wide variety of tools to access distribution and enhance their income.


3. Market Directly to Fans

Today’s entertainment industry has middlemen taking over 87% of the spoils generated by the creatives. FENIX360 aims at disrupting the creative economy as we know it by eliminating the “middleman”. Artists can now market directly to their fans through the platform. Musicians for instance, can release streamed music, sell merchandise, make concert ticket sales and even release ‘vinyl’, directly to their fans (no middleman required).


4. Increase Revenue Streams

FENIX360 provides independent artists one location to effectively manage and exploit multiple revenue streams, all controlled by a comprehensive dashboard with full analytics. Through FENIX360 artists can accrue revenue from ad revenue, live-streaming with auto-charging of viewers, selling NFTs, tickets, music, merchandise and more directly to their fans.


Best of all, through blockchain technology, artists will now receive fair and transparent payment from their fans.


5. Control Your Online Experience

FENIX360 offers creatives a bigger control of their online presence by providing them with tools that enables them to customize their own unique band app. This unique social experience is controlled by a comprehensive dashboard with full analytics.

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