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5 Stylish African Women in Tech

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5 Stylish African Women in Tech

5 Stylish African Women in Tech

It’s no news that tech companies are notoriously male-dominated worldwide. In terms of dress codes, men in technology have undoubtedly formed a casualness club, and dressing down is their secret handshake. Now, as much as we support every professional’s desire to dress comfortably at work. We are more concerned with the feminine dynamic. 

According to Techpoint Africa, Sub-Saharan African women make up less than 30% of Africa’s tech companies’ professionals, and this can make dressing up a complicated issue in that space.

But, beyond the norm, what about personal taste or expression? Today, a small but significant subsection of African women in tech are redefining the industry’s dress codes. They’re wearing gorgeous dresses and tops with exaggerated sleeves, pantsuits in vibrant shades, and unapologetically bold accessories.

Below are 5 African women in tech who are not only challenging the status quo but looking good while at it.

Bozoma Saint John

If you thought techies only wore hoodies and denim, then allow Bozoma Saint JohnNetflix’s Chief Marketing Officer, to blow your mind. The Ghanaian American always steps out looking amazing. In the boardroom and out.

She is undoubtedly an Internet celebrity with a social media following of over 380K. Bozoma’s influence extends far beyond the glamorous looks that populate her Instagram account. Being one of the few black women to hold high-level executive positions in the tech industry, she is helping to encourage discussion about inclusion and diversity in the workplace. 

Fadé Ogunro

Fadé Ogunro is one of the few women in Africa pioneering digital work. As the CEO of Bookings Africa, a leading online talent service provider, she is offering a solution to the mounting youth unemployment problem on the continent.

In addition to her incredible work, Fade has consistently won our hearts with her killer sense of style! She doesn’t shy away from vibrant pieces, form-fitting silhouettes and a bold makeup look.

Damilola Odufuwa

Damilola Odufuwa is currently the Global Head of Product Communications at Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchange platforms. She is also the co-founder of the Feminist Coalitiona group of young Nigerian feminists who work to promote equality for women in Nigerian society founded in 2020 during the height of the #endSARS protests.

 Her quality of work and style go hand-in-hand #ChefKiss. Damilola can’t help but step out looking gorgeous time after time. She gravitates towards effortless yet stylish looks that we can’t help but love.

Seun Runsewe

Seun Runsewe is a Senior Product Manager at one of Africa’s newest payment platforms Chipper Cash which is now worth $2 billion. Seun started her career advising institutions and coordinating efforts to push the frontiers of financial services in Africa across banking, payments and financial risk management. She is also the CEO of femtech Biamo Maternity Designs, new-mommy gear platform.

With Seun, you can expect her hair laid, dewy makeup, stunning outfits and bold jewellery. Seun is a techie with a knack for fashion, and it shows.

Yanmo Omorogbe

Yanmo Omorogbe is the co-founder of Bamboo, an app that gives the average Nigerian access to become a shareholder in big tech companies such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc. Bamboo raised $15 million in series A funding in January 2022 to speed up its growth, penetrate new markets (like Ghana and Kenya), and create new products.

Yanmo isn’t just winning in the tech business but also in the style department. Her chic style, combined with gorgeous makeup and incredible hairdos, clearly shows Yanmo is a style star.

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