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8 by Yoox launches Tales of Africa project

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8 by Yoox launches Tales of Africa project

8 by Yoox launches Tales of Africa project

Yoox-owned label 8 by Yoox has revealed its new project, Tales by Africa, dedicated to artisanal and African culture and will include capsules created by six designers from the African continent.

Set to become available from the beginning of May, the collections include ready-to-wear pieces, bags, accessories and footwear.

Each of the designers have focused on one tradition from their own country or another country, reinterpreting the technique in their own way.

The collaboration comes in partnership with Lago54, a European agency centred around exclusively promoting African fashion designers.

Techniques and items included in the line consist of Faso dan fani weaving by Imane Ayissi, Estelle Yomeda’s Togolese Kente, South African footwear from Galago, Reggi Xaba iFele creations, accessories of Inzuki by Teta Isibo and Nkwo Onwuka’s clothing line, Inside Blue.

In a release, head of own label at Yoox, Giovanni Fedel, said: “Tales of Africa is an important project for 8 by Yoox, which increasingly aspired to be an inclusive platform that gives voice to talent from all corners of the world.

“We are delighted to be able to integrate these pieces into our collection and make them dialogue in an authentic way to express a global and contemporary style.”

Tales of Africa comes as part of the Yoox Net-a-porter group’s People Positive and Planet Positive commitment, a division of its 2030 sustainability strategy, Infinity.


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