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An Exclusive Peek Inside Cuppy’s Pink Penthouse with Glamour UK


An Exclusive Peek Inside Cuppy’s Pink Penthouse with Glamour UK

An Exclusive Peek Inside Cuppy’s Pink Penthouse with Glamour UK


Superstar DJ, musician, radio presenter, philanthropist, interiors lover, wigs connoisseur and dog-mum, Cuppy had an exclusive chat with Glamour UK about all things interiors, being a cultural hybrid, her daily mantra and what she’s most passionate about.

Read excerpts from the interview:

On her inspiration behind her interior style…

For me, this flat represents liberation. I spent a long time living with my parents and I always wanted to create my own space and wanted to come into my house feeling completely unapologetically myself from every corner. Now, the colours are obviously inspired by me. Everything about my house is me so much so that I put my name on my entrance wall, just in case I ever forget who I am. It’s about constantly empowering myself. It’s about creating a space that is a reflection of you.

On her most precious pieces around the house…

I have a piece of artwork by Kaws which I invested a lot of money in and it’s a pink version. I remember when I was trying to buy the art piece people told me: ‘Oh, if you get it pink, it won’t grow in value’ which is interesting. I just think pink is constantly used as a weakness or vulnerability, but it’s very strong. And so I decided, yeah, I’m going to get a pink version. Another thing that’s really special to me is — it sounds a bit weird, but — my sofa. It was made in Italy and I had to wait months to receive it due to COVID. We designed it together and it’s a one of a kind piece. It reminds me of Austin Powers and it’s my favourite shade of pink.

On the rules she lives by to be her best authentic self and being a cultural hybrid…

I live by feeling. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right for you. I live by being unapologetic. So it’s important to be sensitive but also to be comfortable. I come from a very entrepreneurial background, a very public and traditional family. So according to ‘this’ timeline, I’m supposed to be three kids in… I’m two dogs in instead, but you’re responsible for your own happiness. So this is how I run my life. If I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it. If I don’t feel happy, I say so. I don’t change myself in any environment. I take a piece of Nigeria with me everywhere I go and vice versa, as I’m a product of a number of cultural hybrids.

On growing up in Nigeria and moving to the UK at age 13…

Moving here when I was 13, it was difficult. I felt different, I looked different and everything was different and I so badly wanted to fit in. I think that’s why I’m a fighter. From a young age, I always wanted to be heard and be appreciated for who I was and so I tried really hard to blend in. I’m over that now…

On her daily mantra…

My mum told me, anything worth doing is worth doing well. It’s about not looking at what other people are doing but focusing on yourself. It’s about making sure that you’re in a place where you’re always over-delivering. Every gig I do, I want dancers and I want to go all out with production. Everyone was like: ‘It’s just a DJ gig!’ but I don’t know how to not do things in a certain way. I think that this over delivery opens doors and keeps them open.

Read the complete interview on GLAMOUR Magazine.

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