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Ayra Starr dodges shady question about Cardi B, American rapper responds


Ayra Starr dodges shady question about Cardi B, American rapper responds

Cardi B said that the reporter was trying to be messy.

In a new viral video on X, Ayra Starr was stopped by a TMZ reporter who asked her about Cardi B forgetting the name of the designer of her 2024 Met Gala outfit on the red carpet.

“So Cardi B just went after the former Vogue director Gilbert. The dress that she wore to the Met Gala took months to make and she didn’t remember the name of the designers who made the dress,” the reporter said.

Starr immediately interjected, highlighting how nerves could be the reason. “It happens sometimes because of the nerves,” she said.

However, the reporter probed further saying, “She said she was supposed to stand and pose on the podium and that there was a lot going on. But you’ve been on a lot of red carpets, is it disrespectful not to know the designer’s name?”

The singer then laughed, raised her hands in defeat and said, “I don’t know to be honest but I feel like nerves would definitely make you forget. Love to Cardi B though, always. So I don’t know.”

Cardi B responded to the clip on X, supporting Ayra Star and stressing that the media outlet was trying to be shady.

Her reply read, “Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa try to be messy and mission failed…also why put a superstar like Ayra in such a weird and uncomfortable position?”

This comes after the rapper was criticised for forgetting the name of the designer who made her dress, Sensen Lii, and calling him “Asian.” During the heat of the backlash, a former director at Vogue called her out for calling her designer Asian, highlighting that Sensen Lii was Chinese.

Cardi B then made a video to explain what happened, stressing that she was not trying to be racist. “I kind of forgot how to pronounce the designer’s name because his name is a little bit complicated…My mind was just racing,” she said.

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