Rite Sports Africa officially launched the Africa Basketball Festival which is set to take place at the Bukom Boxing Arena on Friday, 23rd December, 2022.

The event looks to promote basketball, music and fashion in light of the year of return celebration in Ghana.

“We noticed that in December, as part of the Beyond the Return campaign, most of the events were music-driven, so we at Rite Sports thought it was time to balance with some basketball,” Project lead at Rite Sports, Yaw Sakyi, said.

With Basketball being the main focus, there will be 4 teams participating in the event. Ghana, Nigeria, USA and France. With only two games to be played, Ghana will face Nigeria whiles the USA takes on France.

In terms of music, “Over again” hitmaker, Edem, Episode, Koby Ranna and many more will be performing at the event to promote Ghanaian music.

With fashion being a part of the event, brands from across Africa such as beauty beneath, Elikem Kumodzie, and Edgy Woman, will be showcasing their apparel on the runway.

Some of the partners that look to be present are Caveman watches, who are the official time sponsor as well as Ebony condoms who say they look to educate and promote the use of condoms.

Despite the games looking to be competitive, the motive is to make an impact on society. Hence, no prize will be awarded to the winners. But it’s important to get as many fans as possible to come watch this exciting festival.

Tickets can be bought on TicketMiller online. VIP going for 150 Ghana Cedis, while regular is just 50 Ghana Cedis.