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Bukom Banku”I’ve never Smoked or drank Alcohol”


Bukom Banku”I’ve never Smoked or drank Alcohol”

Bukom Banku, whose real name is Braimah Isaac Kamoko, is a well-known Ghanaian professional boxer and entertainer. He was born on August 17, 1980, in Bukom, a suburb of Accra, Ghana, which is renowned for producing many of the country’s top boxers.

Bukom Banku is famous not only for his boxing skills but also for his flamboyant personality and unique style. He has held various titles in his boxing career, including the WBO Africa Light Heavyweight title. Outside the ring, he is known for his comedic acts, music career, and distinctive public appearances, which often attract significant media attention in Ghana. His eccentric behavior and outspoken nature have made him a popular figure in Ghanaian pop culture.

The former boxer recently on showbiz 360 said that ”I’ve never smoked or consumed alcohol”Bukom Banku has shared insights into his life principles, emphasizing that he has never smoked or consumed alcohol.

He reflected on his past behavior, admitting that he used to confront and fight individuals who disrespected him in his Bukom community. However, he noted that he has since repented from such actions.

The 46-year-old comedian highlighted his adherence to Muslim traditions as a key reason for abstaining from alcohol and smoking. “In my life, I have never smoked before or drank alcohol because I am Muslim,” he stated.

Bukom Banku also asserted that he has never sought spiritual support, such as juju, to achieve fame. He attributed his success solely to God’s influence.

“Nobody can do juju for me in this nation. Who says they’ve done juju for me to support my career? Never in my life. It’s God. If you go for juju and you die, your children will face the consequences, and it will affect their future. Anybody who claims to have given me juju should come out and say it. My superstar status is real,” he declared.

Additionally, Bukom Banku offered advice to his son, urging him to avoid distractions from women and focus on his career.

He further advised young people to concentrate on achieving success and to avoid distractions from relationships. According to him, success will naturally attract attention from women.

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