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Daniel Kaluuya SHOCKS His Mom With Sex Joke During Oscars Speech

Daniel Kaluuya SHOCKS His Mom With Sex Joke During Oscars Speech

On Sunday, Daniel Kaluuya accepted the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah,’ and during his speech he made a joke that shocked his mom and sister in the audience.

Daniel Kaluuya may have taken home the Oscar for best supporting actor, thanks to his stellar performance as Black Panther Party chairman Fred Hampton in Judas And The Black Messiah, but everyone on Twitter has basically agreed that his mum stole the show.

“I’d like to thank my mum,” he said, stepping up to the stage in Los Angeles’ Union Station.

“Thank you so much for pouring into me. You gave me everything. You gave me your factory settings so I can stand at my fullest height.”

Powerfully, Kaluuya continued his Academy Awards speech by calling for positive change.

“There’s so much work to do, guys, and that’s on everyone in this room,” he said. “This ain’t no single-man job. 

“I look at every single one of you: we’ve got work to do. And I’m gonna get back to work Tuesday morning because tonight, I’m going up. We’re going up!”

It was at this point that Kaluuya’s speech took something of an unexpected turn,  as he continued: “We’re enjoying ourselves tonight because we’ve got to celebrate. We’ve got to celebrate life, man. We’re breathing! We’re walking! It’s incredible. It’s incredible! 

“My mum met my dad; they had sex — it’s amazing! I’m here! I’m so happy to be alive, so I want to celebrate that tonight.” 

As he went on, the cameras cut to the audience, where the actor’s mom could be seen looking absolutely shell-shocked. 

“What’s he talking about?” she could be seen asking her daughter, who was hysterically giggling away next to her.

Twitter, naturally, loved every single moment of it.

“Picturing the ride back home between Daniel Kaluuya and his mum…” tweeted TV host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

“‘My mum, my dad… they had sex. It’s amazing!’ may be one of my favourite Oscar speeches ever,” reads another tweet. “Thank you, Daniel Kaluuya.”

One more tweet reads: “Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar win and all his other wins this by award season has made so happy. Deserved. But I know his mum is going to get him for the sex comment!”

“I bet Daniel Kaluuya’s mum is going to smack him with her purse after that speech,” predicted another.

And one called for Kaluuya’s mum to get a “supporting actress nomination” ahead of next year’s ceremony.

Kaluuya has since acknowledged that he may have made a mistake during his big moment.

Speaking backstage during a press conference, he told reporters: “It just came out of my mouth. My mum’s probably going to text me some stuff about that, but here we are.”

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