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J. Derobie returns with ‘Firm After All’ EP

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J. Derobie returns with ‘Firm After All’ EP

hanaian dancehall artist J. Derobie has returned to the music scene with an EP titled ‘Firm After All’ (Wavez 1).

The five-track project released on May 8 signifies a new era in the artist’s career following his exit from emPawa Music and the establishment of his independent record label, Turf Way Records.

Also referred to as “Wavez 1,” it is the first instalment of a three-part EP series from the camp of J.Derobie.

The EP begins with the A-swxg-produced “Time,” which fuses Afrobeats and dancehall. The track touches on life and one’s limited time on earth. J. Derobie created the tune to push listeners to waste no time chasing their dreams. Beyond being a track that pushes one to fight for what they deserve, it is a statement of return from Derobie, who has not released music since his 2022 album, “Grains From Love and Reality.”

On the second track, “She Love Badman,” J. Derobie dives into loyalty through the tales of a partner who rides with her significant other through thick and thin. Derobie recalled recording the track at 3 a.m. on a beat he described as infectious, leading him to record the entire track in a few takes. “She Love Badman” is the first of three songs produced by NBA Syko. The dancehall sound smith also takes center stage in “Top Shoota,” a typical trap modern dancehall tune. An anthem of bravery and toughness, the track “Top Shoota” sees Derobie “brag” about being tough, resilient, and a go-getter.

J. Derobie enlists Ridwaan Razak for the melodious and emotional “Brand New.” A tune created to affirm his new beginning as an independent record label founder, the track touches on the theme of stepping out boldly.

With its calm and melodic chord progression, Derobie dives into the feeling of hope and confidence when starting life over. When asked for a fun memory from the recording of “Brand New,” J. Derobie recounts being emotional at the time of the recording. Bearing the same feelings, J. Derobie hopped on an NBA Syko beat for the last track on the EP, “Still Firm.” Staying true to its title, the track touches on being firm amid adversity.

With all songs written by J. Derobie, the Adwoa Crooner seeks to connect with listeners on a personal level, sharing his own experiences and emotions in a way that resonates with their own. The project doubles as a letter from J.Derobie to fans, inspiring and uplifting anyone facing challenges.

Listen to “FIRM AFTER AALL (Wavez 1)” on your preferred streaming platform.


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