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Jefe Finesse is on “Real Talk” for the Go–getters

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Jefe Finesse is on “Real Talk” for the Go–getters

Jefe Finesse is on “Real Talk” for the Go–getters


Ghanaian-American-based lyricist, Jefe Finesse, has dropped “Real Talk” to motivate young achievers.

Jefe has released over five music projects, all singles, including “LLK2”“Wavy”“HoodLegend”“In These Streets”, “Ridding Dirty” and loads of other unreleased songs. Now, the rapper has decided to level up with the release of his current single, “Real Talk.”

The trap theme single “Real Talk” was written and produced under Jefe’s record label, OS Records LLC.

“Real Talk” is a single that the rapper used to communicate with his fans, especially the go-getters. He said, “This song is for all the hustlers out there that wake up every morning to go and get a dollar. However you make your money, you’re a trapper in that specific field. ”

Jefe describes himself as his biggest competition: “If I can be better than myself every day, then there’s no limit for me.”

His music is enthused by life: “When I rap, I rap about things people can relate to. Whether it’s the everyday life struggles or the luxurious lifestyle most people dream or grind to obtain,

Jefe said he is inspired by artists like Jay-Z, Birdman, and Master P. “People of that caliber,” because they are bosses in the music world. They aren’t just artists; they understand the business side of things too, and that’s exactly what I’m coming into the game to do. I want to show that I am a great artist, but then have the business side of things under control as well. ”

He also encourages other growing talents to believe in themselves and grind towards what they want to do in their lives, and it will happen. “I am a big believer in manifestation, but those things also come with smart work. Manifestation doesn’t work if you don’t put the work in.”





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