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Kwadwo’s ‘Sweet Melanin’ produced by Killbeatz


Kwadwo’s ‘Sweet Melanin’ produced by Killbeatz

Kwadwo’s ‘Sweet Melanin’ produced by Killbeatz


Kwadwo is a new Ghanaian Afrobeat artist to take the genre by storm with his new single Sweet Melanin.

The upbeat Afropop single was produced by the Grammy award-winning Killbeatz who uses his musical genius to cook a beautiful Afropop instrumental making use of some light highlife undertones.

Kwadwo uses this song to demonstrate the love he has for the beautiful ladies from his part of the world who predominantly possess sweet and dark melanin. In this song, he expresses his affection for his mysterious lady and uses her splendid appearance as a canvas for him to paint a beautiful piece of art using his soul-melting lyrics.

The song comes off as the ultimate party tune but there’s more to it. Through the melodic production, amazing vocals and an appealing rhythm, Kwadwo and Killbeatz manage to accurately display the beautiful culture of mother Africa in the song. Love, affection, euphoria and a plethora of good vibes are felt throughout the song and that’s just how they
wanted it.

There’s no reason why this song would not connect with the bustling lovebirds and music lovers of the culture.  It is anticipated to inspire different dance moves across the continent.
On the song, Kwadwo alternates between pidgin and English and is not afraid to add catchy melodic rhythms to back up his sound.

Together, he and Killbeatz give off an impressive performance complementing each other smoothly throughout the song.

With the song comes a theatric music video that portrays a beautiful love message. In the video, Kwadwo and his vixen are decked out in a beautiful location in Ghana. Their love story is told through a compilation of distinct scenes put together by one of Ghana’s fast-rising directors, Andy Madjitey.

Much won’t be said here about the video to build the much-earned anticipation it deserves as it is a well put together work of art.

Sweet Melanin is not just a song. It’s a statement by Kwadwo to mainstream Africa of his preparedness to take over the industry. He wants listeners to know he is just getting started and there is a lot more where Sweet Melanin came from.

Kwadwo is a Ghanaian born artist, songwriter and fashion enthusiast. He describes his music as dynamic and always rushes to blend different genres whenever he is given the opportunity.

Get Sweet Melanin on all streaming platforms and watch the music video available on YouTube.


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