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Lootlove talks to Dotty about becoming the host of Africa Now Radio


Lootlove talks to Dotty about becoming the host of Africa Now Radio

Lootlove talks to Dotty about becoming the host of Africa Now Radio

Dotty is joined by South African television and radio personality LootLove on The Dotty Show on Apple Music 1.

LootLove talks to Dotty about becoming the new host of Africa Now Radio, interviewing Angélique Kidjo on her first show, “SummerYoMuthi” by Blaq Diamond,  Blxckie and more.

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It’s so insane. I still don’t have the words for it. It’s been such an exciting last couple of days. I’m still trying to take it in bit by bit. I feel like I’ve got this big elephant that I need to eat. It’s been so exciting. It’s been so wild. I mean, the nerves are a bit better right now. I’m feeling much better on that front, but it’s been insane. I don’t even have the words for it. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just pure joy and magic and madness.

Well, you can expect a brand new host all the way from South Africa, which is really nice, but also you can expect more highlight on the next generation of African superstars. I’m really big on supporting the new wave, the younger kids. Gen Z is so fascinating to me as somebody who’s technically older. I love how they work. I love how they move. I love their creativity, but also I love how they literally have no boundaries in terms of who they work with and how they work. Especially on a social media and brand front.
Africa Rising’s going to be a really exciting feature that you can expect to see. Obviously our Cover Stars are always the iconic big, massive African superstars that we get to sit down and have a conversation with. I mean, we started on a really dope note last week with Angelique Kidjo, iconic. You can expect more of that. More dope conversations with big superstars that we really need to support some more. We’ve got a brand new feature called, “LootLoves,” but you’re definitely going to have to tune in to find out what that’s all about. I’m going to leave you a bit of a teaser.

Beautiful, magical. It felt like I was doing radio for the very first time years ago. That hour flew by so quickly. It felt like five minutes to me. It was really great because I’ve got such a great support system in my team. They made it so seamless, so easy. It was mind blowing, actually. I had so much fun. Naturally as a broadcaster that you have your own little feedback where you’re like, “Okay, this link, I need to do like this. This is how I need to move.” But I think it was really, like an epic debut show. It was amazing.

I hope that when I’m older I have that much energy, good energy, good vibes. I didn’t feel like I was doing an interview. I felt like I was speaking to my mom. It was so safe. It was so warm. She was so excited. She was so generous as well. For somebody who’s been in the game for so long, and literally is on a 15th album, you would think that, she’s literally heard every question, she’s been asked every single thing, and yet she still gives so much. Also, just such a beautiful conversation about where we’re at as a continent who we should be as young people, where we’re going. The things we need to pay attention to.
I loved the warmth and the love, and the advice that she gave us as young African people, because we’re in such a confusing place right now. There’s so much conflict. There’s so much fighting. And yet in the same breath, there are so many opportunities for us to be better and do better than our parents did. There’s just so much confusion. She just brought such love and warmth. She was just like, “Hey, just give back to your country, love it back like it’s loving you. Respect mother nature. Take your time with it, but educate the younger generation as well, but also work with the older generation.” It was a very warm conversation, a very necessary conversation. I took away so much from it.

It’s definitely a big song, “SummerYoMuthi,” it dropped last year. These two boys are incredibly talented. They are absolutely magical and they’re young, and they’re fresh and they’re exciting, but this particular song… so ‘muthi’ is medicine, traditional medicine. Muthi’s also the name of their record label. As young people who’ve decided that, “You know what, we’re superstars, we’re doing well, but let’s also start a record label that’s going to support the next generation of superstars while we grow our brand as well.” In essence, what they were saying is that, “We’ve got summer, summer yo muthi, lets rock.”
The other reference is that when you’re doing well, or when you are in love, sometimes it says, “Somebody use muthi on you,” so it can be a bit weird. Right? That’s always the thing.
It’s like a potion, “You’re doing so good. How do you keep doing this so well? How do you keep knocking it out the park like this?” Right? That song was kind of just explaining that, “It’s our summer. We’re doing great.” The lyrics are literally like, “I’m an A-lister,” which is literally, “We are A-listers. You want to sit with the A-listers? Relax. Don’t panic, it’s cool. Don’t worry about it. Keep cool in this space.” It’s just such a jam. It’s so much fun. I think that at any point in your life, you do feel like A-lister. I don’t think you have to be a well-known person. I think at some point when you’re doing really well there are people that kind of come at you with that energy, they just want to be part of your dope, your good energy. Sometimes you’re just like, “Calm down. It’s okay, relax.”

Yes, he is literally so talented. We have a superstar called Nasty-C who comes from Durban. He is a global star at this point, and we’ve got this young talent that’s on the come up. He is just shoo! He is somebody that everybody should be listening to. I went through my intense hip hop phase as a broadcaster in the country. At some point I had a hip hop radio show. I mean, I took a bit of a break because I felt like hip hop wasn’t speaking to me. I heard Blxckie and I was like, “Okay, cool. We’re back. Let’s go.” He is iconic. He is from Durban. He’s incredibly talented and everyone should have him on their playlist. Here we go.

You can look forward to an incredible Cover Star all the way from Tanzania. Her name is Nandy. I’m looking forward to that conversation. I think the fun thing is I just want to connect and learn how to speak other languages and say hello. I’m looking forward to having that kind of conversation. Of course, Africa Rising is something you should look forward. We’ve got the top five biggest African tracks that you should have on your playlist. We’re also shouting out to a really amazing show that we did for June 16. June 16 in SA is Youth Day. We put together a really, quite an incredible show called Young and Free. We’re going to be looking into that playlist for LootLoves this week. Expect to vibe, expect to have fun and expect to not even believe that the show was an hour long.

The story is if you are out, if you were in the streets, if you don’t hear this song, just redo your entire night. This is the cheat code for every DJ. This is the one song that nobody will get tired of, even if every single DJ had it in their set. It’s magical, “John Wick,” I don’t even have the words for it. Whether you can dance, whether you can’t, whether you know the lyrics or not, whether you understand any, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that even when I’m playing it at home, my girls are just like, “What’s good? Okay. Let’s rock”. You can probably play the same song over and over and over again.



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