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Meet code, the future of Afrobeat

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Meet code, the future of Afrobeat

CODE was born and raised in this eclectic metropolis, his journey into the realm of music began as a fascination while watching his idols as a little kid.

From an early age, Code was drawn to the euphoria and infectious rhythms & synths of electronica, Soul, Afrobeats and African drums. Inspired by the likes of Daft PunkBrent FaiyazDepeche ModePortisheadFela Wizkid. He embarked on a quest to craft his own sonic tapestry that would transport listeners to the ultimate dimensions.

Code started out singing and drumming at the church, contesting in talent shows performing & contesting in rap battles, Cyphers & Small shows around. This combined experience and mixture of alternative styles & genre is evident in his musical composition.

The combinations of intricate beats, pulsating synths, and hypnotic melodies has allowed Code’s music to transcend the boundaries of conventional Electronica & African Rhythms! This experimental fusion of house, soul, trance, blend of Afrobeats, African drums and electronica lead to the creation of a new sound that is uniquely his own which he calls AFROTRONIC; a blend of Afrobeats, African drums, Dance music and electronica.

This brand new sound & music style earned him a major record deal with a US based Afrobeat Record label known as “Afropolitan Muzik” owned by Nigerian/American Record Mogul & Music Executive fondly called “Style-Guru”.

In 2022 Code released his debut single Supageti 2.0 which garned over one million streams collectively on Spotify, Apple Music & Audiomack. His second second single JO released early 2023 was also critically acclaimed in the streets . The unique sound known as AFROTRONIC Is Cofounded, Co-Created & produced by his own younger brother, “POPE”. Each track is a sonic journey, guiding listeners through immersive landscapes of sound and emotion.

With each release, Code continues to captivate audiences and garner accolades from critics and fans alike. From his infectious debut single to his chart-topping song, his music resonates with listeners on a visceral level, transcending language and culture to unite dance floors around the globe.

Adding to his portfolio, the Afropolitan Muzik signee has just released a new one titled “UNLOCK” that became a SMASH out the gate! The fans. fans are eagerly awaiting the Masterpiece EP & LP currently been baked simultaneously now.

The new single, UNLOCK according to him was inspired by the alluring beauty of African music; in this case used to shower admiration and praise to how uniquely and specially made every woman around the world is.

This new sound cuts across all cultures and serves more like a tool to unite the world by the simple art of mingling & partying together. This fine composition houses a unique blend of different African sounds and rhythms leaving one with an incredible sound sonically different from any afrobeat song ever heard.

However, Code’s artistry extends beyond the confines of the DJ booth. As a skilled performer, Music Arranger and sound designer, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft, experimenting with new sounds and techniques to push the AFROTRONIC genre forward into uncharted territory.

As he prepares to unleash his debut album, Code stands on the brink of superstardom, poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of AfroBeats & Afropop music. His boundless creativity, unwavering passion, and relentless dedication to his craft is breathtaking of freshly air to the music space! CODE in his own words is bound for Jupiter!

Follow Code as he lights up the night and ignites the dance floor with his electrifying beats and infectious energy.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @codemuzik

– Twitter: @codemusik

– Facebook: /codemuzik

– SoundCloud: /CODE

– YouTube: /CODEVEVO

– Apple Music / Code

-Spotify / Code

Source:Pulse Ng

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