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Mr Gilbert Ofori joins Yasmin Behzadi to donate sports equipment’s to Urban Africa Youth Academy


Mr Gilbert Ofori joins Yasmin Behzadi to donate sports equipment’s to Urban Africa Youth Academy

Mr Gilbert Ofori joins Yasmin Behzadi to donate sports equipment’s to Urban Africa Youth Academy

RockSure Energy Chief Executive Officer, Mr Gilbert Ofori on Tuesday, September 7 supported the Miracle Africa International Foundation’s Sports Philanthropy Director to Ghana, Yasmin Behzadi to donate some sports equipment and other essential items to the Urban Africa Youth Academy.

The donation which took place at the Kaneshie Bishop Park in Accra also helped to discuss the challenges facing the club and ways to improve the lives of the players as well as promoting schooling alongside sports

According to Miss Behzadi, Mr Ofori donated over hundred pieces of sports equipment which includes; soccer balls, football shoes whiles she also donated football jerseys and food items to the young footballers.

During the donation, Leonardo Pipino, former coach of the Panama national Under-20 football team supported with his presence to coach a match between the boys and Ideal Football Club.

Speaking to the media, Miss Behzadi said, the support from these two astute men was a phenomenon and she is grateful for the support.

“Miracle Africa International Foundation and Yasmin are strong believers that a successful future can be built via supporting sports in school environments. Education through Sports, Miracle Africa International Foundation’s main program to promote such activities, works across Africa to make this vision become a reality”

She added that the foundation is aiming to motivate other young sports personalities across Ghana not only to pursue sports but also to consider being educated to compete well on the world pitches and will need to cooperate organizations to help out to reach this goal.


About Rocksure Energy

Rocksure Energy Limited is a subsidiary of Rocksure International Ghana Limited, a multi conglomerate mining, energy and heavy equipment rental company with vast experience in the West African sub-region. The services rendered are solidly built on safety, environment and social sustainability.

​Rocksure seeks to provide first-class – services to support the mining, oil and gas and construction industry across Africa and beyond. The Company delivers on all of its Clients’ needs and requirements in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality, safety and the environment in a manner that enhances the client’s capacity to sustain and guarantee the social license it operates with.​


Miracle Africa International Foundation

Miracle Africa International Foundation (MAIF) is a non-profit Swiss-based organization, Founded by Nadia Murabet in 2008. MAIF’s mission is to provide to African people, in particular to its most vulnerable citizens with a better quality of life by initiating and implementing projects and programs that encourage and strive for sustainable development, stability and peace on the African continent.

The Miracle Africa International Foundation has also developed an initiative “Education through Sports”, to be carried out in various African villages aimed at creating green areas where kids can practice football and other athletic disciplines, to supplement their school teaching with a training coach through the practice of sports as an effective tool of social integration.

“Education through Sports” is for all children from six years of age until adolescence and is based on three actions:

  • Providing each village with a sports field, related services and equipment for the children
  • Training educators through specialized coaching programs
  • Providing educational scholarships for young African soccer talents

Project, Education through Sports, the foundation.

The Miracle Africa International Foundation’s office is based in Geneva Switzerland and the founder and president are Madam Nadia Murabet, an Award-Winning Peace Humanitarian. Her work focuses on the ignition of change to make a difference in the world. Nadia and Yasmin can make a positive difference in the life of young Africans by promoting Education through Sports, empowering youth and bridging cultures through peace and sport-related initiatives in Africa and other continents.


About Yasmin Behzadi

In March 2021, Yasmin Behzadi, an Iranian Canadian Entrepreneur and the brain behind Sark Collection joined Miracle Africa International Foundation as a volunteer covering the role of Sports Philanthropy Director for the country of Ghana. As part of her social responsibility, Yasmin is enforcing young Ghanaian’s with an aspiration not only to pursue sports but also to consider being educated to compete well on the world pitches.

Having had an admirable passion for Football since 3 years ago and despite the fact that she knew how difficult and challenging it would be, Yasmin dedicated most of her time to help the Young Players by sponsoring a selected number of talented Ghanaian players to make it professional and internationally recognized in the football world.



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