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Olamide talks to LootLove on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio


Olamide talks to LootLove on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio

Olamide talks to LootLove on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio

Nigerian singer-songwriter Olamide joins LootLove via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, “Somebody (feat. Phyno).”

He also discusses his new album, UY Scuti, his personal evolution, how he brings together Nigerians from all walks of life, and how he plans to support the next generation of African artists.

Olamide on cross-continent collaborations with Cassper Nyovest, Black Coffee, Master KG, Sauti Sol

LootLove: Who else would you like to collaborate with outside of Nigeria? Have you seen anybody in SA? Are you seeing anybody maybe in Tanzania that you’d really like to vibe with?

Olamide: I really like Cassper [Nyovest]. I like Cassper a lot. I like his music. I like Black Coffee. I like Master KG. And Sauti Sol from Kenya. I love their music as well.

Olamide on how his music crosses generations

I feel like I’m one of, if not the number one person in Nigeria or Africa, I’m one of the few people that their music can bridge the gap between the old and the young, the rich and the poor.

Olamide on the maturity in his sound on his new album ‘UY Scuti’

It’s been amazing. It’s like I just started my career all over again and trust me, man, if I knew that this would have been this big, I would have been doing this for a very long time. I feel like if there was no older version of Olamide, who had been through the street struggle and all that, there wouldn’t be this version of Olamide that does chilled music, but in a way that it still appeals to the street people.

Olamide on why he’s committed to opening the door for the next generation of artists

I took it as a personal thing, like, “Bro, I went through hell before I got here. Now I’m here. If I have any opportunity to bring up anyone that I know, that oh, I’ll do anything to make sure that person make it.” You get me?

Tune in to Africa Now Radio With LootLove This Sunday, June 27th at 2p Lagos/London / 3p Johannesburg/Paris / 6a LA / 9a NYC on Apple Music 1.

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