Veteran Ghanaian actress Rama Brew is set to return to the screens with her daughter, Michelle Brew, in a re-run of the classic television series Ultimate Paradise, which captivated audiences nearly three decades ago.

Rama Brew, now 68, has revealed plans to recreate some of the beloved scenes from Ultimate Paradise as a prelude to her upcoming 69th birthday.

The series, which first aired in the early 1990s, was a household favorite and played a significant role in shaping Ghanaian television.

Michelle Brew, who was about 20 when the original series aired, will join her mother in this new endeavor.

The re-run promises to reunite many of the original cast members and offer a nostalgic experience for longtime fans and an introduction to the series for a new generation.

Rama Brew expressed her excitement about the project and her desire to reconnect with audiences and celebrate the enduring legacy of Ultimate Paradise