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UK based music marketer calls on women to take over the Ghanaian music industry


UK based music marketer calls on women to take over the Ghanaian music industry

UK based music marketer calls on women to take over the Ghanaian music industry

Ghanaian UK-based media personality, A&R, and music marketer, Christina Carmel, have charged more Ghanaian women to take over the music scene.

According to Miss Carmel, women are grossly underrepresented in the music industry, which is a reflection of the challenges faced by females in music. So, women have to work twice as hard to occupy the space.

Speaking about her experience as a music marketer, she revealed, “As a woman, it is always a challenge because you have to work twice as hard just to get a small pat on the back, but you have to keep motivated to always earn a greater reward.”

She emphasized that “open more doors for women in the industry because it’s definitely needed.” There is a need for more opportunities. So the more of us that get into the industry, the better. ”

Christina Carmel has been in the media industry for over five (5) years. She works as a broadcaster, A&R and music marketer and has worked with the likes of Adekunle Gold, Kofi Jamar, Yemi Alade, Ckay, Quamina Mp and other big names in the music industry.

Being in Ghana for over two (2) months, she has identified that the Ghana music industry lacks more structures and efficient systems as compared to the UK, where “there are a lot more systems and structure in the music industry in the UK, where I’m from, than in Ghana.” And there’s a lot more money in the international industry than there is in Ghana, so promoting is a lot easier. ”

As an expert in the music game, she suggested that for Ghanaians’ music to get similar influence like the Nigerians’ on the international market, “you have to make music for the international market because that is where the money is. Don’t get too comfortable in your own country. That’s the difference between Nigerians and Ghanaians; Nigerians put their money where their mouth is and their work ethic is out of this world.”

Speaking about the two popular African genres, Afrobeats and Amapiano, “these two genres have completely changed the game for Africa because now we are being seen finally for our contributions to music. This is our time to shine, which means more business opportunities.”

She said her journey started off “by just using my contacts. I had a few industry friends, so I started interviewing them and built from there.”

Christina Carmel is the host of “VIPunlocked”, a TV talk show that aims to explore the lives of some of our favourite entertainers, fashion and lifestyle enthusiast across Ghana and internationally. “On the show, we discuss their journeys, challenges, highs and lows within the industry.”


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