American comedian Dave Chappelle, has put together a mini-documentary showing followers an insight into his trip to Ghana.

The comedian arrived in Ghana in December for the first-ever Black Star Line Festival.

He toured some parts of Ghana, including paying a visit to the Cape Coast Castle to learn more about slavery.

Dave Chappelle also spoke at a privately held seminar with Chance The Rapper who organised the Black Star Line Festival in Ghana.

In a video the comedian was heard thanking Ghanaians for their welcome and opening their arms to African Americans travelling into the country.

He stated that they have yearned to connect with their roots and could not be more grateful to be in Ghana.

Tagging the get-together as a family reunion, Dave Chappelle thanked Chance and Vic Mensa for facilitating the Black Star Line Festival that brought him and others to Ghana.

This and many more of Dave Chappelle’s experiences in Ghana was captured in the documentary.

Watch the documentary below: