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CEO of Project Brave holds workshop on personal branding with UNFPA Youth Leadership fellows


CEO of Project Brave holds workshop on personal branding with UNFPA Youth Leadership fellows

CEO of Project Brave, Tracey A. Owusu-Addo, known as Tracey Sarkcess, has held a personal branding workshop to empower UNFPA Youth Leadership fellows.

The inspiring session themed; “Crafting Your Identity: Strategies for Building a Purposeful Brand” had over 30 participants who had the opportunity to explore strategies for building purposeful identities and an in-depth education on personal branding whiles some shared some incredible stories.

The workshop highlighted four topics in four sections which included; The workshop had four sections, the first was on Defining Your Personal Brand”, the second section was on, “Crafting Your Personal Brand Narrative”, the third section tackled Communicating Your Personal Brand” and the last section highlighted Sample Personal Brand”’

Speaking about the recent Workshop, Miss Tracey expressed her gratitude to the participants and UNFPA for the initiative, “It was a practical workshop session that enabled all the participants to define their personal brand, crafts a personal brand narrative and also how to communicate their brand.”

She added on Brave Connect socials, “An amazing session with the inspiring @unfpa_ghana YoLe Fellows. We dove into personal branding, explored strategies for building purposeful identities, and shared some incredible stories. Thank you, @unfpa_ghana YoLe Fellows, for your energy, passion, and commitment to making a difference in our world! Keep shining!

Project Brave, founded by Tracy Owusu Addo, seeks to be a hub for young Ghanaian women within the 18-35 demographic in Senior High School, University, and Corporate Ghana.

BRAVE is about offering an opportunity that enables them to set higher standards for themselves, with a strong belief in fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams and career aspirations.


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