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Di’Ja teases new music Dropping Soon

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Di’Ja teases new music Dropping Soon

Di’Ja teases new music Dropping Soon

Di’Ja is getting ready to drop a new single.

The announcement was revealed in a teaser video for her upcoming single “Yoruba Demon.” The song will most likely appear on her next project, which will be a follow-up to her previous release, “Aphropop Vol. 1.”

She posted the teaser video on her Instagram page and added the following caption with it:

It’s crazy what being hurt can do to someone, it can turn the most beautiful person into the most horrible things. (voice over @aphrodija)

After listening to many many stories of heartbreak, some of fun experience others not and watching Yoruba Demons by @aycomedian again, an idea was born and it just never went away. I want to add that being a #YDdemon is definitely gender neutral because we’ve all shown one another pepper at some point. I want to hear some of your stories and experiences before I drop this track. Tag me #ydcomingsoon

I’ve missed you all. I have so many people to thank but first of all thank you for all the birthday wishes the last two days. In fact I’ve felt a bit selfish considering my birthday happened on the 14th.

Watch the teaser for the single below:



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