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Dr Cryme experiences Dubai with EyesInDubai

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Dr Cryme experiences Dubai with EyesInDubai

Dr Cryme experiences Dubai with EyesInDubai


Ghanaian rapper and early proponent of the Ghanaian “twipop” genre, Dr Cryme has taken his turn on EyesInDubai’s superb Dubai experience.

EyesInDubai, a Ghanaian-owned Dubai-based travel agency, has been named one of the best in Dubai for providing clients with a breathtaking Dubai experience.

The rap artist, knowing the satisfying customer service of EyesInDubai, tapped them to be in charge of his upcoming music video shoot on a yacht, and also accepted their assistance in finding beautiful locations for the music video shoot like having a private desert safari experience.

The agency founded by Kingsley Kojo Aikins, says, it always feels great when they are able to help clients have a beautiful trust you to help them create beautiful memories in Dubai. “We entreat everyone coming to Dubai to hit us up on all our socials and reach us on +971585226249, 233246420296, or +1(631)246-3157, to have the experience through EyesInDubai

EyesInDubai is a premium provider in terms of pick-up and drop-off services, photography, visas, tickets, hotel reservations, and treasured tour activities.

The Dubai-based agency is well-known for providing an upscale experience for customers in need of quality hospitality services such as short-term rental options and a platform where people can book travel experiences all year.

It is branded to be a unique, stylish, and authentic travel and hospitality company, with franchises all over Africa. They are known for creating a platform for their clients to indulge their fantasies and live their dreams with our sumptuous travel offers.

EyesInDubai has hosted renowned personalities from other part of Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. From Ghana the agency has hosted Bola Ray, Sarkodie, Sandra Ankobea, DWP Academy dancers, celebrity dentists, and other great families and corporate organisations from all over the world who want to experience Dubai.






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