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EyesInDubai lights up Accra’s skyline with three striking billboards


EyesInDubai lights up Accra’s skyline with three striking billboards

Accra, the vibrant capital of Ghana, has recently witnessed a captivating transformation of its urban landscape, courtesy of EyesInDubai Travel Agency. In a bold move that has captured the attention of both locals and visitors alike, the agency has mounted three stunning billboards strategically placed across the city. These billboards not only serve as visual spectacles but also as invitations to embark on unforgettable journeys to the dazzling city of Dubai.

EyesInDubai Travel Agency, headquartered in the bustling heart of the United Arab Emirates, has become synonymous with curating unique and immersive travel experiences. Their mission is to offer travelers more than just a vacation; they aim to provide journeys that are authentic, culturally rich, and filled with unforgettable memories.


The decision to place three billboards in Accra signifies the agency’s dedication to expanding its reach and showcasing the marvels of Dubai to a wider audience. Each billboard strategically located at key intersections and high-traffic areas serves as a visual testament to the agency’s commitment to offering travelers transformative and memorable experiences.

The billboards themselves are works of art, featuring captivating images of Dubai’s iconic landmarks bathed in golden sunlight, luxurious resorts, and the vibrant cityscape. These images are carefully curated to evoke the allure and excitement of Dubai, enticing passersby to dream of visiting this world-famous destination.


Kingsley Kojo Aikins, the CEO of EyesInDubai Travel Agency, expressed his enthusiasm for this bold marketing move, saying, “Dubai is a city that embodies the perfect blend of culture, luxury, and adventure. Our billboards aim to transport the people of  Ghana and the rest of the world  to this mesmerizing destination through our services, sparking their curiosity and igniting their desire to explore all that Dubai has to offer.”


This advertising campaign isn’t just about promoting Dubai as a travel destination; it’s also a celebration of cultural diversity and the enduring spirit of wanderlust. It’s a reminder that travel has the power to bridge cultures, foster understanding, and create lasting memories with the best services from EyesInDubai.


The response from the people of Accra has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their excitement about the billboards on social media. As the billboards continue to grace the city’s skyline, they serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, reminding everyone that the world is full of possibilities waiting to be explored.


EyesInDubai has hosted renowned personalities from other parts of Africa, Europe, Asia and America. From Ghana, the agency has hosted Bola Ray, Sarkodie, Sandra Ankobea, DWP Academy dancers, Asantewaa, Dr. Cryme, celebrity dentists, Lil Wayne, Wendy Shay, Samini, Sister Afia and other great families and corporate organisations from all over the world who want to experience Dubai





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