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G-West & Director SYX Create Magic in ‘People Pleaser’ Video

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G-West & Director SYX Create Magic in ‘People Pleaser’ Video

G-West, a dynamic force in Ghana’s Afrobeat landscape, was born into the rich cultural tapestry of Kwadaso, Kumasi, on February 21, 1998. The son of Mercy Ofori-Atta and George Kofi Mensah, G-West grew up immersed in the vibrant heritage that his hometown is celebrated for. His educational path took root at KNUST Primary and Junior High School and blossomed further at Prempeh College, where his profound connection to Ghanaian tradition and his burgeoning musical talent began to intertwine. G-West’s artistic journey is poised to make waves in the Afrobeat scene.

With the release of ‘People Pleaser’ on March 15th, G-West captured the collective anticipation of his Ghanaian audience. The subsequent music video release was not just a visual treat but a narrative masterpiece that garnered the spotlight on In an exclusive interaction, both G-West and the visionary director, SYX, shared insights into their creative synergy.

SYX on the Making of ‘People Pleaser’:

1. Collaboration with G-West: One of the many things I admire about G-West is his trust in my creative process. He and his team constantly push me out of my comfort zone, allowing us to bring our vision to life together.

2. Project history with G-West: This isn’t our first collaboration. Our previous project was “Calling,” although we initially planned to work on “People Pleaser.” G-West’s music captivated me from the start, showcasing his star quality.

3. Production challenges: While there were a couple of challenges during production, they are inevitable when creating something new and innovative.

4. Uniqueness of the video: Our video stands out because it’s unlike anything else on the market; it’s truly one-of-a-kind and tailored specifically to complement the song.

5. Inspiration behind the music video’s story: The story was inspired by fantasy, emphasizing G-West’s unique talent and his otherworldly presence both visually and musically

G-West on Making of ‘People Pleaser’ and his collaboration with SYX

1. What inspired the theme of this music video?

The main goal my team and I had was to shoot a video that was very different from what we are used to on our screens. The director and her team did a great job bringing that idea to life.

2. How does the visual representation complement the lyrics of the song?

I will say it does compliment it pretty well. For example, I talk about how it’s pandemonium when the girl in question shows her face in public spaces. The video does a great job telling that story in a particular scene where the girl is surrounded by people and also staring at her while also trying to grab her.

3. Kindly share a memorable moment from shooting the video.

That was when I was on the horse—actually,  my first time on a horse.
There were some fireworks in the sky, and it startled the horse so much that he almost threw me off his back.

4. How do you think this video represents your growth as an artist?

Working with the crew on this video helped me know a bit more about cinematography and also inspired me to take the love I have for visual arts a bit more seriously since I do have the desire to direct my video one day.

5. What role do you feel music videos play in your artistic expression?

Music videos, I believe, play a pivotal role in bringing my sonic art to life visually.
That helps me tell my story more in-depth.

The ‘People Pleaser’ video is a visual feast that complements G-West’s sonic landscape, painting a picture of the complexities of social dynamics. Directed by the visionary SYX, the video captures the essence of the song with its vibrant storytelling and compelling imagery. As G-West continues to chart his course through the music scene, his videos are not just add-ons to his tracks but pivotal storytelling tools that deepen our connection to his artistry. ‘People Pleaser’ stands as a bold statement of G-West’s identity as an artist and a proud promoter of Ghanaian culture, setting the stage for what’s next in his thrilling artistic journey.

Watch the video of ‘People Pleaser’ below

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