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Ghana Youth Awards Opens Nominations for 2023 Edition


Ghana Youth Awards Opens Nominations for 2023 Edition

The Ghana Youth Awards is excited to announce the official opening of nominations for the highly anticipated 2023 edition of the awards. This prestigious event aims to honor and celebrate the exceptional achievements of young individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields.

With this year’s theme “Improving Youth-Driven Businesses Amidst Socio-Economic
Challenges,” the Ghana Youth Awards 2023 recognizes the resilience and ingenuity of youth entrepreneurs in navigating the complex socio-economic landscape. The theme highlights the importance of empowering and supporting youth-driven businesses to thrive and succeed.

Nominations for the Ghana Youth Awards 2023 are now open to recognize outstanding youth leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and social impact champions. We invite individuals, organizations, and the public to submit nominations for deserving candidates who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and dedication in their respective fields.

This is a remarkable opportunity to showcase the talents, initiatives, and positive impact
created by our youth. The nomination process is simple and accessible to all. To submit a
nomination, visit our official website at and follow the
guidelines provided. Nominations will be accepted until [Closing Date].

“We are excited to announce the Ghana Youth Awards 2023 and its theme focused on
improving youth-driven businesses amidst socio-economic challenges,” said Mr. James
Korsah-Brown [Board Chairman]. “We encourage everyone to nominate deserving candidates who exemplify resilience, innovation, and success in their entrepreneurial pursuits.The Ghana Youth Awards takes pride in maintaining a fair and transparent awards process.

We would like to clarify that the awards process does not involve any MoMo voting. The
selection and evaluation of nominees are conducted by a distinguished panel of judges who
assess the submissions based on predetermined criteria.

After the nominations phase, a rigorous evaluation process will be carried out by the
esteemed panel of judges to select the final nominees in each category. The selected
nominees will then proceed to the next stage of the awards process, leading up to the grand
ceremony where the winners will be announced.

The Ghana Youth Awards 2023 promises to be a memorable event, bringing together
exceptional youth leaders, influencers, and change-makers under one roof. It serves as a
platform to recognize their efforts, inspire others, and encourage a culture of excellence
among the youth of Ghana.

For more information and updates on the Ghana Youth Awards 2023, please visit our website

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