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Ghana’s Daniel Boifio Jr joins Swiss Agency SBE Management AG as West Africa Representative


Ghana’s Daniel Boifio Jr joins Swiss Agency SBE Management AG as West Africa Representative

Daniel Boifio Jr., popularly known as DBJ, a promising Ghanaian football agent with FIFA accreditation, has joined Swiss player agency SBE Management AG as the West Africa Representative.

The Agency owned by renowned business mogul Philipp Degen, SBE Management AG,’s inclusion of the young agent marks a significant milestone in his impressive growth within the football industry.

This collaboration promises to be a game-changer for African football, as Boifio Jr. and SBE Management AG unite their efforts to nurture and elevate the talent of aspiring footballers from the region, leaving an indelible mark on the beautiful game.

In an exclusive interview, Boifio expressed his enthusiasm about this new venture, aiming to create a brighter future for African footballers on the global stage. He views the opportunity to work with SBE Management AG as an ideal platform to make a lasting impact in the football community and to empower African footballers with opportunities to shine on the world stage.

According to him, “Joining SBE Management AG is a dream come true for me. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with such a reputable agency and contribute to the development of football talent from Africa,”

DBJ added, “Together, we will strive to empower African footballers and provide them with opportunities to showcase their skills at the highest level.”

Earlier this year, Boifio Jr. had the opportunity to meet the esteemed transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, showcasing his ability to establish valuable contacts within the football world. With such connections and his unwavering passion for nurturing the dreams and talents of African footballers, Boifio’s collaboration with SBE Management AG is expected to yield positive results.

Based in Switzerland, SBE Management AG already represents several players, including Black Stars goalkeeper Lawrence Ati-Zigi. Boifio’s expertise and dedication to the sport make him a valuable addition to the agency’s team, particularly in scouting and nurturing talent from the African continent.

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