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Ishak Spark releases visuals for ‘This Year’; features Joint 77, Meo

Music Video Premiere

Ishak Spark releases visuals for ‘This Year’; features Joint 77, Meo

Ghanaian rap artiste, Ishak Spark, has finally unveiled the long-awaited visuals for his latest song, ‘This Year’, which features Joint 77 and Meo.

Directed by the renowned videographer, Sir Chopperson, the video takes viewers on a mesmerising journey into the realm of determination and ambition.

‘This Year’ stands as a powerful anthem of resilience and hope. It strikes a chord with individuals who have encountered setbacks in the past year but remain unwavering in their quest for success.

Set against the backdrop of an industrial warehouse, the video is a visual spectacle, featuring captivating scenes that perfectly complement the track’s high-octane energy. From shots of alluring models to gritty urban landscapes, each frame exudes a raw intensity that keeps viewers hooked.

A particularly striking moment in the video sees Ishak Spark amidst the wreckage of an abandoned helicopter, symbolizing the unwavering determination to overcome adversity.

‘This Year’ is a testament to the power of hope and perseverance. It serves as a poignant reminder that regardless of the challenges we face, we possess the strength to carve out our own path to success.

With ‘This Year’, Ishak Spark once again cements his position as one of the most captivating talents to emerge from the Ghanaian music scene.

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