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M.I Abaga is  out with ‘The Guy’

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M.I Abaga is  out with ‘The Guy’

M.I Abaga is  out with ‘The Guy’

The Guy, that’s who M.I Abaga is now. The guy who made an impact for over 15 years as Africa’s greatest rapper, discovered and groomed some of Nigerians’ most remarkable talent and led one of Africa’s longest-standing indigenous record labels into their currently blossoming international label partnership – THAT guy.

This single, “The Guy” is the heralding release off the upcoming album which is also titled “The Guy”. It is a statement of the foundational relevance of the artiste, a call to keep pushing and a self-celebratory declaration of clear excellence.

Beckoning all music lovers with its mid-tempo drill-tending flow and radio-friendly vibe, “The Guy” is the second but definitely more significant release from the highly anticipated album. With its catchy lyrics and a memorable hook, the song clearly attests to the undoubtable versatility of M.I “The Guy” Abaga.

Listen to the track below:

Stream here.

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