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Meet The Real Housewives of Nairobi!


Meet The Real Housewives of Nairobi!

Meet The Real Housewives of Nairobi!

The famous Real Housewives franchise is coming to the East African country of Kenya this February.

The new series (The Real Housewives of Nairobi) from the famed franchise debuts on Showmax in Africa on February 23, with new episodes dropping every Thursday.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi will follow five interesting women as they navigate their lavish lifestyles, relationships and careers in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. These women include Susan Kaittany, Vera Sidika, Sonal Maherali, Minne Kariuki, and Lisa Christoffersen.

Meet the Real Housewives of Nairobi

Susan Kaittany


Vera Sidika



Sonal Maherali


Minnie Kariuki


Lisa Christoffersen


Denise Mwende, Showmax Content Specialist in East Africa said: “Each of the ladies has a strong personality and sure identity of themselves. They are hardworking, affluent, influential and unapologetic women who are not ashamed to live large and live well because they have earned it. They’re also a representation of the diverse communities we have in Kenya.”

Watch the trailer below:



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