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Private Health Insurance Week celebrated to promote accessible healthcare in Ghana


Private Health Insurance Week celebrated to promote accessible healthcare in Ghana

The Ghana Private Health Insurance Association has celebrated Private Health Insurance Week to advance the cause of accessible healthcare for every Ghanaian.


The week-long event, which took place from July 24 to July 28, 2023, aimed to propagate the importance of private health insurance in complementing public healthcare services and making comprehensive medical coverage accessible to all citizens.


According to the chairman of the planning committee, and CEO of Equity Insurance, Mr. Elton Afari, the initiative aimed to address healthcare disparities and offer essential healthcare services to those who often lack access to formal medical facilities.


Speaking to the media, he said, the celebration is to propagate that private health insurance is also as same as national health insurance, “we complement each other to achieve the universal health coverage we are pushing that every Ghanaian will have access to health care, there is this perception that private health insurance is very expensive but looking at all of our 15 companies we have a different array of products depending on whatever your preferences and choices are.”


He added that Government has been good to us through the NHIA, but we think there is more to be done to get the national health insurance scheme working and as we complement each other we believe that the government can also continue to support us in propagating this message out there to the public so that they will understand that our operations are to complement and also help each individual for us as a country to achieve the universal health coverage that as a country we seek to achieve “


Addressing stakeholders at the private health insurance week conference on the theme of building sustainable private health insurance as a viable channel for universal health coverage, the Chief Executive Officer of NHIA, Dr Bernard Okoe Boye, revealed that the government is working with stakeholders to address the high cost of medicines which has been identified as one of the major factors crippling effective health care delivery in the country it follows calls by the pharmaceutical society of Ghana.


He said, “The rising health care cost is a key challenge to health care finance initiatives as the government is working closely with stakeholders to address the cost of medicines through tax rebates and other incentives to boost local production”


The initiative, organized by a collaboration of private health insurance providers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, sought to raise awareness about the role private health insurance plays in bridging gaps in healthcare access and promoting overall well-being in Ghana.


The event throughout the week, had a series of activities to create awareness and education through media outreach, free health screenings, conferences, and panel discussions to educate Ghanaians about the various health insurance options available and how they can choose the right plan to suit their individual needs and financial capacities. It was climaxed with an award and Dinner to recognize and honor outstanding individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have exemplified excellence in the field of private health insurance.



Experts in the healthcare industry emphasized that having private health insurance provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind, ensuring that individuals and families can seek timely medical attention without facing the burden of excessive medical expenses.


A comprehensive media campaign accompanied the on-ground efforts, reaching a wide audience through radio, television, and digital platforms. The campaign aimed to dispel myths about private health insurance and encourage Ghanaians to consider it as a viable option to ensure their well-being.


Furthermore, the event featured collaborations with charitable organizations, facilitating initiatives to support the medical needs of vulnerable populations. By working together, participants sought to create a more inclusive healthcare system that leaves no one behind.


The success of Private Health Insurance Week reflects the determination and collective spirit of the Ghanaian people and their commitment to ensuring that quality healthcare becomes a reality for every citizen. The event’s organizers hope that the momentum gained during this week will lead to lasting changes in the nation’s healthcare landscape and pave the way for a healthier and more equitable future.



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