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Roots Global Agency presents Roots Residency in  Accra from December 30 -Jan 11


Roots Global Agency presents Roots Residency in  Accra from December 30 -Jan 11

Roots Global Agency (RGA), a New York-based creative agency transforming the Caribbean and West Africa through music, the arts, and education, is set to present its first-ever residency program dubbed ‘Roots Residency’ in Accra.


The RGA in partnership with Cloud9nine, an open-air venue in the heart of Osu, is scheduled to kick off the inaugural event from December 30- January 11 at Cloud9nine Lounge


According to the team at RGA, Roots Residency is a global experience that highlights and brings culture shapers and leaders across the diaspora together, will be two-action-filled weeks, that will allow Residents (attendees) to get their work done in a creative labs co-working space @ Cloud9ine, enjoy live performances, lectures, workshops, and networking mixers.


Launched on the heels of Detty December festivities, the Roots Residency will serve as an opportunity for diasporans to connect with like-minded peers and be immersed in culture. Recharge, co-create, learn, or tap in, “We have enjoyment, collaboration, and information.”


By providing a space for artists and creatives from diverse disciplines, the Residency aims to break down artistic silos and create a dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of innovation. The event will also amplify the interconnectedness of global artistic expression to create a lasting impact on the way we perceive and engage with art.

The inaugural event is poised to be transformative, reshaping the Afro-Caribbean creative landscape and bringing together a diverse community of artists, creators, and cultural enthusiasts. It is meticulously crafted to offer participants a unique and immersive experience led by industry experts and seasoned artists.


Roots Residency is dedicated to fostering collaboration, exploration, and innovation in the arts. And also promotes cultural exchange and dialogue among participants from diverse backgrounds.


Roots Residency invites artists, creatives, and cultural enthusiasts to join this transformative journey. Sign up here to become a part of our community. Full membership details will be provided on the ticket.



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