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The WIT School Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Launches WEF to Support Needy Students


The WIT School Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Launches WEF to Support Needy Students

The Wisdom and Intelligence Training School (The WIT School), the first and only Finland Model School in Ghana and West Africa, is commemorating its fifth anniversary with the establishment of the WIT Endowment Fund (WEF). The fund aims to provide support to underprivileged students across Ghana, bridging the financial gap and enabling them to achieve academic success.


Miss Precious Bonsu, the school’s founder, established the endowment fund to assist enthusiastic and brilliant students from disadvantaged backgrounds in pursuing higher education. The WEF will encompass four categories of support: the Genius Scholarship program, which fully or partially funds exceptional students at The WIT School; the Edufund, providing aid to needy students in other schools; TKN weekend community projects; and the Rural STEM Project, which focuses on impacting children outside the capital.


The WEF, led by the school’s brand ambassador, Miss Chichi Yakubu, owner of Nyo Nyo Gh, will receive funding from a donor group, fundraising activities, and a percentage of The WIT School students’ school fees. This initiative aims to make a significant difference in the lives of young learners.


Since its inception, The WIT School has empowered minds, nurtured talents, fostered creativity, and witnessed remarkable transformations in over 500 young learners. Miss Precious emphasized that the school serves as a sanctuary of learning, innovation, and inspiration, encouraging students to explore their unique potential and embrace their individuality.


Reflecting on this milestone, Miss Precious expressed unwavering commitment to excellence and highlighted the school’s exceptional faculty members’ dedication to shaping future leaders. She also expressed gratitude for the continuous support from the community and The WIT School’s enthusiasm for the journey ahead.


Beyond academic achievements, The WIT School has fostered a vibrant community that values diversity, collaboration, and a shared passion for knowledge. As the school looks toward the future, there are plans to expand to include middle and high schools and establish additional centers to serve children in various communities nationwide and across Africa.


As part of its corporate social responsibility, the school is committed to ensuring that all Ghanaian children receive a holistic education akin to that provided to The WIT School students. Initiatives include extending teacher professional development programs to other schools to improve the quality of education and the ongoing efforts of the WEF to support bright yet disadvantaged children in schools and rural communities.


To learn more about supporting the WIT Endowment Fund, please visit Admissions are currently open, and further information can be found at or by calling 0209633192.



The WIT School Celebrates Remarkable Geniuses at 2nd Annual Speech and Prize-Giving Day


The Wisdom and Intelligence Training School (WIT School), the pioneering Finland Model School in Ghana and West Africa, recently hosted its momentous 2nd annual speech and prize-giving day ceremony at its prestigious East Legon, American House campus.


The event marked a significant milestone as over ten exceptional students graduated to higher classes, while several others received certificates for their outstanding academic achievements. The distinguished accolades were presented by notable guests, including Madam Chichi Yakubu, the school’s ambassador, the PTA Chairman, and elated parents.


The grand ceremony was graced by esteemed attendees, comprising notable guests, proud families of the graduates, and dedicated staff members of the renowned institution. The jubilant atmosphere was set with a captivating performance by the school’s choir, followed by a heartfelt congratulatory message delivered by the esteemed principal, Ms Baaba Spencer. She expressed her profound appreciation to parents, teachers, and students for their unwavering support and dedication.


At the core of its mission, the WIT School aims to provide children with an all-encompassing education that not only fosters academic excellence but also equips them with vital life skills. Embracing Finnish educational principles and skillfully blending them with the national GES and British curricula, the school focuses on nurturing each child’s unique needs and empowering them to reach their fullest potential. With unwavering dedication, the school inspires, guides, and supports students on their journey to holistic development.


In commemoration of its fifth anniversary, the WIT School launched the WIT Endowment Fund (WEF), a noble initiative aimed at assisting underprivileged students across Ghana. Those interested in supporting this commendable cause can find more information on how to contribute to the fund by visiting the WIT School website at


The WIT School is currently open for admissions. To seize this exceptional opportunity and learn more about the institution’s unparalleled educational offerings, prospective students and parents are encouraged to visit or call 0209633192.


With its unwavering commitment to fostering brilliance and shaping future leaders, the WIT School continues to make an indelible mark on the educational landscape, enriching the lives of students and elevating the standards of education in Ghana and beyond.













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