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Tribaverse’s Greensight Environmental Summit boosts environmental legacy


Tribaverse’s Greensight Environmental Summit boosts environmental legacy

Tribaverse, an Afrobeats festival seeking to create environmental awareness and solve climate change issues, has hosted the Greensight Environmental Summit to call on stakeholders to create an environmental legacy.

The Greensight Environmental Summit, inspired by a unifying theme, “A Path to a Greener Future: Driving a Green Economy in Ghana,” took place on Saturday, June 24, 2023, at the British Council. Speakers highlighted some human activities that hurt the environment and suggested easy measures to boost the green economy.

Speaking at the event, the co-founder of Tribaverse, Luigi Houdson, encouraged that just as there is a need to create a financial legacy, there should also be an urgent need to build an environmental legacy. He quizzes, “What is the use of creating a financial legacy without an environmental legacy?”

The three-time Grammy-nominated musician Rocky Dawuni, who was one of the speakers, revealed that Ghana is losing tourism revenue due to the state of some of our beaches and how we treat our green environment.

He insisted that there should be some creative measures to curb the use of plastic and suggested that we adopt the old way of controlling plastics: “We should go back to taking baskets to markets and carrying our bowls to buy food.”

He added that the younger generation should be equipped with the necessary tools and opportunities to take charge of the green economy and curb any future environmental challenges.

Other speakers also highlighted that waste segregation should be adopted at home and workplaces to facilitate recycling and correct onward disposal.

And highlighting the importance of the circular economy, a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible should be encouraged.

The event was hosted by media personality Natalia Andoh and opened by a keynote speaker from the EPA, with some great personalities as speakers, like Rocky Dawuni and other renowned personalities.

Tribaverse aims to encourage sustainable practices that mitigate climate change towards limiting its adverse effects in Ghana, such as rising sea levels, flash floods, changing weather patterns, and more, by supporting afforestation practices and giving back to societies in need.

Tribaverse will roll out other impactful events including a virtual career-ready workshop, a coastal cleanup day event, a street cleaning and green campaign, an environmental podcast, and the Tribaverse Green Festival to promote and achieve green practices.

The Greenlight Environmental Summit was sponsored by @GhanaTrips. For more information and sponsorship, please contact and @tribaverse on all social media platforms.

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