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Tumany 7NiMS: A Trailblazer’s Journey from Tema to Berlin, Uniting Hip Hop Cultures

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Tumany 7NiMS: A Trailblazer’s Journey from Tema to Berlin, Uniting Hip Hop Cultures

The story of Tumany 7NiMS, the innovative artist also known as KinGhetto, is one that transcends borders and cultures. With an enriching history within the Ghanaian Hip Hop scene, Tumany 7NiMS left an indelible mark before venturing to Berlin. Now, in an exciting phase of their career, Tumany 7NiMS joins forces to form a Hip-Hop collective, 3PLT (Triple T), with the release of the electrifying music video “Essence.”

“Essence” is the first single from their much-awaited album “Franglais”. Essence is a Hip Hop Boom bap track that attempts to project core elements of Hip Hop, Tumany and Tox deliver sharply, showing the artistry and social importance of an MC.

The official music video for “Essence” is now available for streaming on YouTube via the following link: 3PLT | Essence (Official Video) | Prod. By Talord Tank

Triple T is a Berlin-based hip-hop collective of two exceptional MCs and a masterful DJ. Comprising Tumany 7NiMS, Don Tox, and DJ Trim, the collective’s name pays homage to the shared ‘T’ in their names. Drawing inspiration from both Berlin’s urban vibe and Tumany 7NiMS’s and Don Tox’s African roots, Triple T (stylized as 3PLT) seamlessly melds diverse influences to create a unique and captivating musical identity.

Before embarking on his international journey, Tumany 7NiMS played an instrumental role within the Ghanaian Hip-Hop scene, leaving an undeniable influence through dynamic collaborations with renowned Ghanaian artists and producers. From collaborating with industry stalwarts like Richie, Ball J, Keche, and Piesie, to synergizing with the innovative beats of Drvmroll, Tumany 7NiMS demonstrated an innate ability to weave his distinct style into the vibrant tapestry of Ghanaian Hip-Hop.

Now based in Berlin, Tumany 7NiMS continues to embrace his multifaceted identity, bridging his musical journey that started off in Guinea where he won the Best MC award two times. The release of the music video “Essence” shows Tumany’s growth as an artist and an evolution into the international music scene.

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[YouTube](Link): 3PLT | Essence (Official Video) | Prod. By Talord Tank


3PLT | Essence (Official Video) | Prod. By Talord Tank

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