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#WCW: These 5 Songs For Women Are Worth Your Listen

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#WCW: These 5 Songs For Women Are Worth Your Listen

For so long – as long as the impact of music has been felt – music has been a source of motivation for listeners. Think about how you feel when you listen to Asake‘s “Sunshine,” which urges you not to lose hope. Through his lyrics, he emphasises the importance of perseverance and hard work, drawing parallels to the success of figures like Dangote. He reminds us that even amidst challenges – if you push and pursue your dreams – there’s light at the end of the tunnel. “Sun gon shine on everything you do,” he says.

If you procrastinate, this song could be the wake-up call you need to take action. It’s the same way you feel when you listen to Asa’s “Dreamer Girl,” but we’ll save that for later.

For International Women’s Month, we turn to the songs made for women that we are jamming to. What is Women’s Month without music? These are the songs that encourage women to aspire for greatness, songs that are in no way limiting, the ones that don’t slut shame them but tell of their worth as human beings, deserving respect and dignity.

Here are our top five empowering songs for women below:

Woman” by Simi

In “Woman,” Simi takes the bull by the horns to address the institutional barriers placed on women and the unfair stereotypes they face. If the woman is unmarried and doesn’t have children, she is bound to suffer Simi explains.

“I never talk finish,” She just got started. Is there an end to the stigmas women face? Every day the art of submission is hammered into their ears, but no attention is paid to the intimidation they suffer. If she’s confident in herself, that’s not good. If she’s doing well financially, the source of the money is questioned. And as if that’s not enough, women are still being relegated in society.

What more can we say to Simi about this song other than to express our gratitude for her conscious effort to bring light to the concerns and fears faced by women in Nigeria?

Rara” by Waje

This is the song you listen to when you are all glammed up and pumped up. Hair. Done. Nails. Done. Face. On sleek. The outfit? Superb. Attitude? Right on point. This is your time to shine, no one can stop you, not even yourself.

Even in situations like being nervous about that interview, the first date or when you’re feeling down just put the song on, face the mirror and do a little dance. Ensure it’s on speaker for maximum effect and ginger. Nothing can stop your sweet.

Listen to “Rara”

Dreamer Girl” by Asa

It’s not a crime to dream too much. To dream about the future, the many things you could achieve and the many places you can go – as far as your dreams take you. The possibilities are endless. Even when you’re faced with doubts, Asa tells you not to let go of your visions, to dream and hope for your future.

In “Dreamer Girl,” Asa is telling women that their dreams are valid and achievable. Life is full of possibilities. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.

“Baby baby, close your eyes, life’s a dream, maybe someday one day…”

Wonder Woman” by Davido

If Davido’s dedication to his woman is serious, then it’s a reminder that you shouldn’t joke with yourself too. “Wonder Woman” is all about the women who are keeping it real, and Davido is not shy to celebrate them, even if it means emptying his bank account.

The music video has a diverse cast of emerging female leaders excelling in their respective fields, navigating a male-dominated world with grace. Watch the video below and get your dose of inspiration.

Loaded” by Tiwa Savage and Asake

When Tiwa Savage’s sex tape was leaked, it was no surprise that she faced a lot of backlash from society. Names were hurled at her and one would think it’s taboo for a woman to have sex. Rather than focusing on the criminal act of leaking a private video, she became the target of criticism, highlighting the societal taboo surrounding female sexuality.

In a society that’s always so quick to shame women at the slightest, quick to ruin their reputations and offer no grace to them, Tiwa proved that a leaked sex tape is not enough to bring her down. She rose above all the noise and in “Loaded” featuring Asake, she asserted her identity as a music star.

What’s the lesson? Don’t allow society to dictate your worth or response to adversity.


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