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Xlimkid  releases new song “Valley of Trappers”


Xlimkid  releases new song “Valley of Trappers”

Ghanaian sensation Henry Kwame Boakye, widely known as Xlimkid, has dropped his highly anticipated track, “Valley of Trappers.”

The song serves as an anthem for young trappers, shedding light on the unseen realities of their world.

This captivating masterpiece showcases Xlimkid’s boundless creativity as he makes his mark on the Ghanaian music scene.




Moreover, “VOT” transcends mere survival; it offers a profound reflection on life’s meaning and complexities through Xlimkid’s perspective. Listeners are invited to delve into the deeper lessons embedded within everyday experiences.

Valley of trappers by Xlimkid is a powerful narrative-driven song that describes the hustles and triumphs of a street kid. It delves into the life of a street trapper navigating the challenges of survival in the urban landscape.


The song paints a vivid picture of a youngin’ – a trapper experiencing the struggles & hustles of life and still living believing that regardless of whatever he goes through he will make it. Through emotional lyrics and uplifting melodies, Xlimkid also captures the resilience and determination of the trapper man, portraying a message of hope and perseverance.

“Valley of Trappers” serves as both a reflection of the harsh realities of street life and an anthem of empowerment for those striving to overcome their struggles and make it to the top. This masterpiece was produced by Juiczx and mixed by Bookah Wpmg.




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