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 A Fragrant Encore: Maison de Parfum’s Second Symphony in Accra


 A Fragrant Encore: Maison de Parfum’s Second Symphony in Accra

Accra, the vibrant city of history and culture, is about to experience an encore of captivating scents as Maison de Parfum proudly opens its second store in the esteemed Melcom Mall, Spintex. The grand opening on June 29, 2023, witnessed the gathering of Accra’s high society, including renowned football titan Marcel Desailly, influential media personality Bola Ray, fragrance enthusiasts Bindu Mukhi and her mom from Bindu Tours and Travel, as well as prominent social media influencers. This star-studded event solidified Maison de Parfum’s status as the ultimate destination for luxury fragrances in Accra.

Maison de Parfum’s new store is more than just a perfume shop; it is an immersive olfactory wonderland that promises extraordinary experiences. The meticulously curated selection of perfumes showcases prestigious international brands such as Gucci, D’Hermes, Clarins, Tom Ford, Amouage, and Yves Saint Laurent. Among the esteemed lineup is the local pride, Scent of Africa, which embodies the rich fragrant heritage of Ghana. Each bottle on the shelves tells a unique fragrant story, captivating the senses and allowing customers to find their perfect aromatic match.

Lisal Ash, the Co-founder of Maison de Parfum, expressed her pride and excitement about this significant milestone. “I am incredibly proud of our new store opening and thrilled about the rebrand,” she shared. “This expansion marks an exciting chapter for Maison de Parfum. We have high hopes that it will attract new customers to both our stores and establish us as a go-to destination for clients seeking exquisite fragrances. We are eager to become a cherished staple in the community, providing a remarkable shopping experience in either of our shops.”

CEO of EIB Network, Nathan Kwabena Anokye-Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray, emphasized the art of creating a signature scent through layering fragrances. He stated, “Fragrances are very personal, I believe in the art of layering scents to create a unique fragrance that truly represents your personality.”

Bindu Mukhi and her mom, founders of Bindu Tours and Travel and avid fragrance enthusiasts, praised the rise of local fragrance brands in Ghana. They expressed their excitement, saying, “The rise of local fragrance brands in Ghana, like Scent of Africa, is truly remarkable. These brands are capturing the essence of the Ghanaian culture and heritage through their exquisite scents.”


The Melcom Mall location of Maison de Parfum exudes sophistication and elegance. The store’s design seamlessly blends opulence and refinement, creating an atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the essence of each fragrance. Expert staff members, well-versed in the language of fragrances, are on hand to guide and assist visitors on their fragrance journey, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience.


To stay connected with the enchanting world of Maison de Parfum, fragrance enthusiasts are invited to join the brand’s Instagram page @maisondeparfum_gh. This exclusive account promises captivating visuals, exclusive content, and the latest updates on luxury perfumes, making it a must-follow for anyone passionate about the art of scent.


Maison de Parfum, with its two locations in Marina Mall and Melcom Mall, has firmly established itself as the ultimate fragrance destination in Accra. Whether you seek a distinctive scent that leaves a lasting impression or a meaningful gift that speaks volumes, Maison de Parfum’s extraordinary collection will undoubtedly fulfill your desires.


For More Information:

Visit Maison de Parfum at Marina Mall and Melcom Mall, Spintex, Accra

Phone: +233 20 785 3786





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