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American beauty mogul in Ghana to impact the beauty industry


American beauty mogul in Ghana to impact the beauty industry

American beauty mogul in Ghana to impact the beauty industry


After creating fulfilling success stories in America, American-Ghanaian-based beauty entrepreneur and CEO of Pandas Luxury Bar, Panda Supreme, also known as Mrs CEO Pryme, is gradually overtaking the beauty space with her Pandas Luxury Bar.

According to her, launching her business in Ghana is one of the best decisions she made to impact the industry, a tool to boost self-confidence and also an eye-opener to be conscious of the appropriate products the body needs.

Speaking about her entrepreneurial journey, she said, “I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I always knew I wanted to own my own business. Since 18, I’ve been networking and branding myself. I’ve prayed and asked for God’s guidance to lead me on my path to my purpose. which is to help people. To make a difference.

Apart from using natural remedies, she stated, “I put passion, love, and care into the products because I am making them from the heart for myself and my family. “this is what I put in them, is this. Nothing extra, no preservatives. ”

Panda Supreme also doubles as a digital creator and co-founder of CEO Pryme’s EZ Street Records. Her beauty journey began between the ages of 17 and 18 when she decided to go natural with what she eats and the products she applies to her skin and hair.

She said, “I stopped eating certain foods. Stop perming and dying my hair. The more I learned about what was actually in the products we use daily, the more I became more aware of what I was putting on and into my body. ”

In 2013, after realising the great effect of natural remedies on her skin and hair, she started making herself her own remedies, “I had a real issue with cystic acne that I developed during and after pregnancy.” which lasted for 2-3 years after delivery. I healed my skin to the point where my face was clearer, smoother, and brighter than ever. ”

She shared that, for her second pregnancy, she was able to heal from the same issues of cystic acne with the help of her products, “After birth, I had the same issues of cystic acne but remaining faithful to my products, today my skin is spotless, with reduced sized pores, bright and smooth skin without makeup.”

According to her, Panda’s product works perfectly on all skin and hair types. Because of that, she uses the product for her husband and children’s well-being. “The integrity of my products I stand by my products. You will get 100% natural ingredients. I refuse to partner with any company that opposes that. ”

Inspiring growing entrepreneurs, Panda advises that, though being an entrepreneur comes with freedom and beautiful moments that make you work on your own time and help implement your own ideas, it also comes with hard work and self-confidence. “I enjoy the freedom. But I have to push myself because there’s no set work schedule to abide by, no boss I’m obligated to answer to, so I have to push myself, I have to remind myself why I’m doing this. I have to remember God blessed me with this talent, this purpose is mine to fulfil. ”

She continued that her entrepreneurial journey has been fun, “I enjoy making the products. I enjoy people enjoying my products. There are ups and downs, but I just continue to believe in myself. When I get testimonials from clients saying that their confidence is boosted because now they feel comfortable in their own skin to go outside, it keeps me going. ”

She takes most of her business inspiration from her husband, CEO Pryme, a multi-millionaire business executive, who she describes as a completely business-minded and fearless person. “I’ve seen him succeed in multiple business ventures easily.” He had several stores. He was signed to a major music label in the US. He actually has his master’s degree in business administration. I go to him for any advice and all ideas I might have. When I’m not feeling so confident about my business, he picks me up with his words of encouragement. At that point, I was super driven and inspired to keep going.

She encourages that, it is important we come together to raise awareness of what’s happening here because a lot of people don’t know what’s going on and get help for those in need hence the reason she and her husband are fronting the “Africa is Us movement” to back each other and also help one another.

Pandas Luxury Bar targets clients battling acne, chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and those who want to keep up with maintaining great skin and also those who want to grow and restore their hair naturally. Visit PandaLuxury Bar on all social media platforms.


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