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Beyoncé’s father endorses Caveman Watches for stunning  Beyonce Caveman Watch


Beyoncé’s father endorses Caveman Watches for stunning  Beyonce Caveman Watch

Internationally acclaimed and the first Ghanaian-made bespoke timepieces, Caveman Watches have been showered with praise from world-renowned music executive and father of global music idol Beyoncé, Mathew Knowles, for receiving a breathtakingly customized Beyonce Caveman watch.

The proud father of the world music star recently attended the ‘To The Top Seminar 2023’  hosted by the Eat Drink Music Festival as a keynote speaker in Accra, Ghana, where he was presented with the unique and exquisite Beyonce Caveman watch. This masterpiece, inspired by the iconic singer Beyoncé, represents a fusion of art, fashion, and horology.

According to the time maker and founder of Caveman Watches, Anthony Dzamefe, he was assigned to craft the masterpiece for both Beyonce and her dad. The project, which took the designer five hundred and four (504) hours or three weeks, was named after her evergreen fanbase, the Beehive, thus the ‘Beyonce (BeeHive) Watch.

Presenting the superb project at the event, there was a video display of the watchmaking process, which was captivating and sparked excitement on Mr Knowles’s face. Beyonce was called to hear the news, and she also expressed her joy for such a beautiful project. “It has been reported that people are in awe about the project and the watchmaking video. She is eagerly awaiting her watch, which is being delivered to her by her father.”

The visual process of Beyoncé’s Caveman Timepiece has been featured on Caveman Watches and its founder, Anthony Dzamefe’s, Twitter page, which unfolds the artistry, attention to detail, and craftsmanship required to create such a unique timepiece.

The priceless Beyonce Caveman watch is a limited edition timepiece, that pays homage to the legendary artist’s musical journey. Also, the name Queen Bee with a fanbase tagged as Beehive, was the inspiration behind the crafting of the bespoke timepiece. It features intricate designs and elements that capture the essence of Beyoncé’s iconic performances and style. The watch is a customized piece, a 1-1 handcrafted honeycomb-inspired 24k Rose Gold watch case housing a meticulously crafted watch dial made out of 444 fallen Bee Wings with an African cutout to reveal a dancing tourbillon.

Mr. Dzamefe emphasized that “it comes with a mint-oiled, handmade original leather strap.  A masterpiece fit for a queen.”

Mathew Knowles commended the craftsmanship and creativity behind Caveman Watches. He was intrigued and impressed by the artistry and attention to detail in this Beyonce Caveman watch. He called the innovation “The best brand story he has ever seen” and also referred to Anthony Dzamefe as “a genius.”

The ‘To The Top’ seminar 2023 took place on Friday, October 27, 2023, at the Cedi Conference Centre, University of Ghana, Legon. It was moderated by media personality Berla Mundi and had some renowned industry personalities as panellists: Godwin Tom, Managing Director, Sony Music Publishing, Nigeria, Joselyn Dumas, TV Personality/actress; Derrydean Dadzie, Founder of Heritors, Anthony Dzamefe, CEO/Founder of Caveman Watches; and Richardine Bartee, writer/publicist

Caveman Watches is renowned for its dedication to crafting exceptional and bespoke timepieces, and the Beyonce Caveman watch is another testament to its commitment to blending horology with art and culture.


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