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Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi inducted into the Institute of Information Management


Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi inducted into the Institute of Information Management

Celebrated Ghanaian business magnate and the visionary behind WASK Group Spintex Medical Center, Prife International Africa, Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi, has been formally inducted into the prestigious Institute of Information Management (IIM) Africa, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the world of information management.

According to the institution’s executive, he was inducted due to his unwavering commitment to advancing the principles and practices of effective information management. With a career spanning several decades, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of data governance and information systems.


Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi has diligently worked to transform this fascination into a career marked by excellence. He has held key positions in both public and private sectors, serving as a catalyst for change in how organizations collect, store, and utilize information. His insights into data security, privacy, and governance have been instrumental in shaping best practices across industries.


Dr. Anarfi’s induction into the Institute of Information Management recognizes not only his professional accomplishments but also his dedication to knowledge sharing. He has been an educator, mentor, and advocate for data literacy, fostering a new generation of information management professionals.

Through workshops, seminars, and academic contributions, he has strived to bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping professionals with the tools they need to harness the full potential of data.

As Dr. Anarfi joins the ranks of the Institute of Information Management, he reaffirms his commitment to shaping the future of data governance and information systems. His vision for the field revolves around responsible data management, the ethical use of information, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

“I am honored to be inducted into the Institute of Information Management, and I view this recognition as a call to continue championing the cause of effective information management,” Dr. Anarfi remarked. “Our journey is far from over, and the opportunities for innovation in this field are boundless.”

The Institute of Information Management Africa in 2018 inducted President Akuffo Addo 2018, and  other ministers. The Institute is the premiere International Information Management Professional Institute, with head office in Denver, Colorado USA. IIM Africa is a registered Nonprofit Corporation under the law of Colorado, the USA with assigned entity identification number 20181786160, and chapters in Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria,  South Africa, Ghana, Australia, India & Switzerland.

The Institute is developed to serve the growing community of data, information, records, documents, content, knowledge, and archives management professionals who are tasked with managing the dynamic information life cycle within the enterprise. It is the goal of the institute to provide our members with objective insights and guidance on their career path and technology options, provide leadership to the data, information management, and information security professions, and act as a forum for the interchange of ideas.

It is the goal of the institute to remain completely vendor-neutral and to provide our members with objective insights and guidance on their technology options. Training, certification, consultancy, research, publishing, summits, and conferences

 About Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi

Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi boasts extensive experience in strategic innovation, business strategy, SME advisory services, and project financing. He has made remarkable contributions to businesses such as Vida Divina LLC., Total Life Changes, and TRAMO Ghana, specializing in waste management, plastics recycling, biogas digesters, and waste sensitization training.

Additionally, he excels in agriculture input distribution, food processing, real estate, and transportation maintenance products. His commitment to reducing housing deficits is evident in his real estate endeavours and the Golden City project in Ghana’s Ashanti region.

Dr. Anarfi’s dedication to the needy is exemplified through initiatives like WASK Family Foundation and the 10k project, which supports young entrepreneurs. His philanthropic efforts touch widows, widowers, orphans, street children, and the less privileged.


His remarkable journey includes awards such as Innovator Award 2013, Best Network Marketer of the Year 2018, and Best Global Business Growth Influencer. He has been recognized by institutions like the Academic Union, Oxford UK, and the International Corporation of Social Partnership (Europe Business Assembly).


As a health practitioner, he established WASK Health Services, promoting health through vaccinations and medical equipment. He is the founder of Spintex Medical Center, a state-of-the-art hospital in Accra, Ghana.


Dr. Anarfi’s commitment to sustainable progress and his unwavering dedication have rightfully earned him the title of ‘Most Notable Peace Icon.’ His legacy will inspire generations to come, promising a harmonious future for all.



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