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BFA and Co Legal Orchestrates Landmark Deal: Davido launches Nine+ Records with UnitedMasters

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BFA and Co Legal Orchestrates Landmark Deal: Davido launches Nine+ Records with UnitedMasters

This landmark partnership marks a significant shift in Davido’s career, transitioning him from a chart-topping artist to a full-fledged music industry executive.

Nine+ Records aspires to become a global music powerhouse, fostering not only Afrobeats talent but artists across various genres.

Recognising Davido’s exceptional talent and ambition, Stoute challenged him to envision a label that could rival industry titans.

Davido, known for his dedication to nurturing new talent, readily embraced the idea. Nine+ Records represents an opportunity for him to empower the next generation of artists while solidifying his own legacy as a music industry leader.

“Nurturing new talent is a passion I’ve always held,” says Davido. “I’ve been doing it since Afrobeats wasn’t even a recognised genre.”

However, Davido acknowledges the importance of guidance. The extensive experience of Steve Stoute will be invaluable as Davido navigates the complexities of the music business.

BFA and Co Legal emphasise the importance of a strong team and a well-structured foundation for any new label to thrive. While acknowledging Davido’s immense talent, BFA recognises the need for a solid framework to ensure long-term success.

“Bobo Ajudua, CEO of BFA and Co Legal and Davido’s manager, played a crucial role in securing this historic deal,” says the spokesperson for BFA and Co Legal, Ima Elijah“We are confident that Davido’s vision, combined with Steve Stoute’s experience and a strong team, will propel Nine+ Records to global success.”

BFA and Co Legal’s successful negotiation and closing of this deal showcase their expertise in entertainment law and their commitment to supporting the aspirations of visionary artists like Davido.

The firm stands poised to continue playing a vital role in shaping the future of the African and global music industries.

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