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Black Sherif crowned as ‘Youth Chief’ in Tamale (WATCH)


Black Sherif crowned as ‘Youth Chief’ in Tamale (WATCH)

Black Sherif crowned as ‘Youth Chief’ in Tamale (WATCH)

Rapper Black Sherif has been crowned the ‘Nachin Naa’ of Tamale by traditional rulers in the Northern Region for his exploits in the field of music.

The new ‘Youth Chief’ of Tamale is currently on a tour in the region as part of promotions for his debut album ‘The Villain I Never Was’ which was released on October 6, 2022.

The solemn coronation ceremony was held in honour of the rapper at the Dakpema Palace on Monday, October 10, 2022.

A video of his coronation hit the internet which witnessed Blacko being adorned in a rich Northen smock and matching headwear fit for royalty.

Black Sherif, born Mohammed Ismail Sherif expressed his appreciation to the people of Tamale and also pledged his support.

Black Sherif’s coronation comes days after releasing his record-breaking debut album, ‘The Villain I Never Was’.

The rapper’s 14-track album has already topped the charts and received positive feedback from music lovers, coupled with massive endorsements from some big names in the local music industry.

Following the successful release of the 14-tracked album which features the African Giant, Burna Boy on track 14, ‘Second Sermon Remix’, fans and music lovers have shown their appreciation for the rapper’s album.

Since its release on the dawn of October 6, The Villain I Never Was has dominated music charts and conversations. Including making an appearance on Billboard Afrobeat Chart.

Track number 12, ‘Oh Paradise’ on ‘The Villian I Was’ album recounts a painful time in Black Sherif’s life when his girlfriend died.

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