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Burna Boy fronts the Autumn 2022 Issue of Dazed Magazine


Burna Boy fronts the Autumn 2022 Issue of Dazed Magazine

Burna Boy fronts the Autumn 2022 Issue of Dazed Magazine

Burna Boy is the latest cover star on Dazed Magazine‘s Autumn 2022 issue.

He was photographed by Kristin-Lee Moolman and styled by Dazed’s Editor-In-Chief Ibrahim Kamara for the feature titled Age of Imagination. In this issue, the Grammy-winning artist discussed the political situation in Nigeria, #EndSARS, music, and his album “Love, Damini.”

Read excerpts from the interview below:


On his album “Love, Damini”

I tried to use this album to allow people to get closer to me.

This album was coming from a personal standpoint, and it was about me, d’you understand? Me talking to myself and in the process talking to you. It’s probably one of my most important [statements] because it felt like I was in school writing something and putting it in a time capsule.

On the 2020 #EndSARS protest

My thoughts don’t matter around that. Nothing is going to change. It just is what is… I’m not going to encourage any young people to lose their lives senselessly anymore, d’you understand? When something is ready to happen, it will happen. I understand that now. You can’t jump into something that you don’t fully understand, even with our country. With understanding comes readiness for action.


On what the tracks in his recent album mean to him

Track one [“Glory”] and the outro [from the album], they’re really letters to my future and past selves. I’m shedding light on personal things that I haven’t really touched on before.

On his legacy

My music will be here long after I’m gone, even after my children’s children’s children. It’s a stamp in time for those who have a reality like mine. That’s what I care about.

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