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Ghanaians in the diaspora dominate new Netflix sensation ‘The Diplomat’

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Ghanaians in the diaspora dominate new Netflix sensation ‘The Diplomat’

The Diplomat is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about Netflix shows. Ghanaians everywhere are taking note of the talented actors of Ghanaian descent who are making waves in the series.

David Gyasi, Ato Essandoh, and Nana Mensah are all standouts in the series, bringing depth and nuance to their roles.

David Gyasi plays the role of Austin Dennison

Gyasi’s portrayal of Austin Dennison, the British foreign secretary, is particularly noteworthy. He brings a unique perspective to the role, as an actor of Ghanaian descent portraying a British political figure.

Gyasi spoke to Netflix about the opportunity, saying, “we hadn’t had a foreign secretary that looked like Dennison. And I just thought that’d be really fun to explore and also to explore what it’d be like to be in a Tory government and look like Dennison.”

His performance has been praised by viewers and critics alike.

Ato Essandoh plays the role of Stuart Hayford

Essandoh’s portrayal of Stuart Hayford, Kate’s deputy chief of mission, is also receiving praise. He brings a savvy, behind-the-scenes perspective to the show, having previously worked as a campaign manager.

Essandoh spoke to Tudum about what drew him to the role, saying, “What I love about the show is very powerful women are the centrepiece – Keri Russell obviously, Ali’s character, Nana Mensah’s character.”

His chemistry with Russell’s character, Kate, adds an extra layer of depth to the show.

Nana Mensah perfectly delivered the character, Billie Appiah

Nana Mensah’s portrayal of Billie Appiah, the White House chief of staff, is equally impressive.

She brings tenacity and skill to the role, and her character’s relationship with Stuart adds a unique dynamic to the show. Mensah is a rising star in Hollywood, and her performance in The Diplomat only solidifies her as a talent to watch.

It’s exciting to see actors of Ghanaian descent taking on such prominent roles in a major Netflix series. The Diplomat is proof that diversity in casting leads to stronger, more interesting storytelling. Viewers are eager to see what these talented actors will do next.

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