This breaking news is proof that songs such as Obrafour’s ‘Oye Ohene Remix’ by Ghanaian artists have unknowingly sailed the seven seas and appealed to giants like Drake!.

We could make this assertion because the top-ranking USA-based Canadian act, Drake has just sampled the intro of Obrafour’s Oye Ohene Remix.

The intro is the voice of Mantse, the name behind the American accent that adlibbed on most of Hammer’s productions.

He is currently the CEO of Accra[dot]Alt, an event agency that hosts the annual Chale Wote Festival for art lovers.

This is a testament to just how far and how impactful Ghana’s music is to the rest of the world. To the young artistes out there, just do good music, you don’t know who is listening and how relevant it might be to another global name in some years to come!