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Melanin popping!!Issa Rae covers June Issue Of Vanity Fair Magazine

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Melanin popping!!Issa Rae covers June Issue Of Vanity Fair Magazine

Melanin popping!!Issa Rae covers June Issue Of Vanity Fair Magazine

Issa Rae is back on the covers, this time she is featured on Vanity Fair. Issa Rae is bringing us some much-needed black girl magic, that is perfect for Vanity Fair. Photographed by Adrienne Raquel, the witty thespian channels boss lady vibes in pantsuits and black looks, and styled by Shiona Turini rocked a classic bold lipstick and bronzed eyeshadow to emphasize her body jewellery.

She also wore a pleated blue Robert Wun suit, a crisp white Givenchy suit without a tie, and a purple sequin Valentino Haute Couture turtleneck.

For this issue, Issa Rae discusses the highly-anticipated final season of “Insecure“, producing a docu-series about Black 20-somethings in Los Angeles titled “Sweet Life” and being of Senegalese descent.

Vanity Fair revealed that Issa is working on a revival of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s HBO docuseries “Project Greenlight,” which gave money and support to aspiring filmmakers.

The series is known less for the films it produced than for a scene in its final season, in which Damon pushed back against producer Effie Brown for saying that the casting for the participants in the series should have been more inclusive.

…Rae’s excitement lies predominantly in offering overlooked directors a place to shine: “I want this version of the show to make filmmaking feel attainable.”

Photograph by Adrienne Raquel

On filming the final season of “Insecure” and re-watching the hit HBO show’s first episodes as she closes the chapter

I’m finding myself putting season-one pressure back on the show again. All these memories come up, so I can’t watch it purely objectively. And then, of course, you look at performance stuff, you look at hair stuff, you look at appearance stuff. You’re just like, Okay, wow, I went on TV like that?.

On writing and being in the same show she created

Girl, no! I’m never doing this again… Before you asked that question, I told myself I would never write and be in a show that I created again. It takes up a lot of your life, and I like to do a lot of things… I love doing this show. I’m so grateful to be able to do this show. But that’s just not really for me.

Photograph by Adrienne Raquel

On being of Senegalese descent and going on a visit

I feel disconnected from it… I wanted to go back in 2020. That was going to be the year, and then that got derailed. But so much has changed… I just know that it wouldn’t be the same… I would love to have a house there… I would love to take my future kids there, and maybe give them the same type of childhood and appreciation that my parents gave us.

Read Issa Rae’s full Vanity Fair cover story here.


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