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Nigerian State Bans the Use of Mannequins Citing ‘Immorality’

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Nigerian State Bans the Use of Mannequins Citing ‘Immorality’

Nigerian State Bans the Use of Mannequins Citing ‘Immorality’

Nigeria’s Kano State has banned the use of clothing mannequins citing that it promotes “immoral” thoughts and goes against Islam’s Sharia law.

Nigeria’s Kano State has recently made an…interesting move. The state has effectively banned the use of mannequins in various stores, boutiques, shopping malls, supermarkets and even private residences. That’s right. Those inanimate figures that help you decide whether to purchase that dress or those pants are now illegal in Kano. Interestingly enough, headless mannequins are reportedly exempt from this state-wide ban.According to the Commander-General of the Kano Hisbah Board, Sheikh Harun Ibn Sina, the use of mannequins contravenes Islamic doctrines and provokes “immoral” thoughts among members of the public while promoting idolatry. In a statement issued to the media, Sina says that “[Mannequins] violate Islamic provisions, [they] are also responsible for immoral thoughts among some members of the public, all these are against Islam.”

PulseNG also reports that the Kano Hisbah Board has already contemplated a strategy for policing the new ban. “We divided Kano into five areas for monitoring and implementation of the ban across the state,” Sina declares. Additionally, authorities will conduct impromptu raids and any individual found contravening the ban will be prosecuted. Moreover, the state is also expected to run a “sensitisation” campaign to reinforce this recent ban to the public.

While the ban of mannequins may seem bewildering and even excessive in other parts of Nigeria, the African continent or even the rest of the world, Kano is an Islamic state that is governed under strict Sharia law. This mannequin ban is just the latest to be added to the list including many others. Alcohol, specific haircuts, sagging trousers and even multiple women using certain modes of transport have all been banned in the state, according to Sahara Reporters.

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