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Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson in ‘Try Me’

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Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson in ‘Try Me’

Musician, Michael Owusu Addo, better known as Sarkodie has in a newly released track told his side of his involvement in the life of actress Yvonne Nelson, and the pair’s controversial abortion ‘beef’.

Yvonne Nelson in her recently published tell-it-all book, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’, revealed that she had had an affair with the rapper in 2010 which had resulted in a pregnancy.

In Chapter 8 of the book, she recounts her decision to terminate the pregnancy because the rapper did not accept responsibility.

According to her, she later found out that the rapper had another girlfriend who was studying in a university abroad hence his rejection.

However, replying to Yvonne Nelson’s allegation, Sarkodie in his new release ‘Try Me’, a direct reply to Yvonne, says he never encouraged the actress to have an abortion.

According to him, while he was not ready to be a father, he had told her to keep the pregnancy but Yvonne chose to go ahead with the abortion due to her schooling at the time.

“So don’t you make it seem like I was the one pushing you for abortion,” he said in Try Me.

Sark sings that there are a couple of things he had thought he would take to his grave, suggesting the abortion could have remained a secret, however, he praises her for her bravery in telling the story but says Yvonne cannot pick and choose what to tell the world.

Besides, he says Yvonne should not play the victim and create the impression that she was looking for love.

“Baby girl make you no try me”, he cautions.

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