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Transforming Healthcare in Ghana: Meet Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi, the Visionary CEO of Prife International Africa


Transforming Healthcare in Ghana: Meet Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi, the Visionary CEO of Prife International Africa

In a significant milestone for the healthcare industry in Ghana, Dr. Williams S.K. Anarfi has been appointed as the CEO of Prife International Africa, a renowned and rapidly growing multinational company specializing in advanced healthcare and wellness solutions.

According to him, this appointment heralds a new era of innovation, progress, and transformative leadership in the field of healthcare and wellness in Ghana. As part of his appointment, he has received an endorsement statement from the group’s vice president, Dr. Jimmy Chong, highlighting his role as CEO and director.

Dr. Anarfi’s appointment as the CEO of Prife International Africa brings with it a wealth of experience, an impeccable track record of success, and a visionary approach to business development and growth. As the founder and president of WASK Group, one of Ghana’s fastest-growing consulting agencies, Dr. Anarfi has already made a significant impact on the entrepreneurial landscape in the country.


With a profound belief in the power of networking and its ability to catalyse change on a national scale, Dr. Anarfi has been recognised as a master networker and an influential figure in Africa’s networking marketing sector. His dedication to providing job opportunities, both physical and virtual, has empowered countless individuals in Ghana and across the African diaspora.

The accolades bestowed upon Dr. Anarfi serve as a testament to his exemplary entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset. In 2018, he was honoured as the youngest CEO to receive the innovative award in Africa, further solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the business world.


Additionally, he was recognised as the “Best Global Business Growth Influencer” at the World Changers’ Summit in Dubai and received the prestigious Best Enterprise Award from the European Business Assembly. Dr. Anarfi’s outstanding contributions have also earned him the appointment as the Europe Business Assembly Ambassador to Ghana and West Africa.


As CEO of Prife International Africa, Dr. Anarfi envisions a five-dimensional future that encompasses: The future of Wealth Networking, The future of Wealth Creation, The future of Wealth Multiplication and, The future of Wealth Transfer and The future of Wealth Sustainability.

His passion for empowering individuals to achieve financial independence and create generational wealth led him to establish WASK Millionaires in 2018. This initiative has provided training, mentorship, and inspiration to over 30,000 young and talented individuals across Africa, with 5,000 already embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys.


In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavours, Dr. Anarfi is also the CEO of Spintex Medical Center, a leading healthcare facility located in Accra, Ghana. This hospital, under his astute leadership, has become a beacon of quality healthcare, providing comprehensive medical services to the community.


With Prife International Africa’s cutting-edge product range, including the groundbreaking iTeraCare devices, the Ion-shield pendant, and the revolutionary 7 Wonders flask, Dr. Anarfi is poised to revolutionize the healthcare and wellness landscape in Ghana. These innovative products, backed by rigorous testing and certifications, harness the power of terahertz technology, quantum energy, and advanced minerals to promote cellular activation, enhance well-being, and improve overall health.


Dr. Anarfi’s appointment as CEO of Prife International Africa not only signifies his remarkable achievements but also highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering transformative solutions and improving the quality of life for individuals in Ghana. Through his visionary leadership, Dr. Anarfi aims to connect people to wealth, stimulate economic growth, and create a lasting impact on the healthcare industry.


As Ghana’s healthcare landscape evolves, Dr. Williams S.K. Anarfi stands at the forefront of this transformation, leading Prife International Africa towards a future defined by innovation, prosperity, and improved well-being. With his entrepreneurial acumen, extensive experience, and unwavering dedication, Dr. Anarfi is set to redefine the boundaries of success and inspire a new generation of leaders in the healthcare sector.


Prife is derived from the combination of “prime” and “life,” symbolizing the high quality of life that partners can enjoy by utilizing and sharing the range of products.


Prife International has set a bold corporate vision for itself: to expand into 100 countries by 2023. They aim to continue to grow and expand, and they also create new opportunities for those who share their passion and believe in the company.


Prife International provides a rewarding lifestyle to its members by delivering products of the highest quality.



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