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French Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé leaves Ghana in August


French Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé leaves Ghana in August

French Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé leaves Ghana in August

The French Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Anne Sophie Avé will complete her tenure in a few months.

Through her many exploits, especially those in the creative arts industry, the diplomat has endeared herself to many Ghanaians.

In a with Ameyaw TV at the 2022 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, H.E. Anne Sophie Avé disclosed that she will be leaving Ghana in August when quizzed about her future plans to add up to her accomplishments.

“Well, I leave it to my successor to do it because I’m leaving at the end of August… I have been here for four (4) years and I’m going to be very heartbroken but I still have a few months to go and I’m sure there are a few more things coming maybe not as high profile as Accra In Paris, it was quite a huge thing to organize but I’m sure that some people will take over and would want to do Accra elsewhere. I hope just create a trend to put Ghana out there.”

She revealed that she will be leaving with diverse experiences.

“I’ll carry so many memories. I’m going to take away the emotion of the people. I love the people here; their kindness, hospitality, the smile. The music translates all that and I’m definitely taking away a long playlist.”

The ambassador indicated that the fact that her tenure ends in August does not mean she will cease to come to the country.

“I’m not going forever. I mean I have a property here so I’m bound to come back but as a regular tourist.”

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