The 8th Annual EMY Africa Awards in Ghana is drawing near, and in excitement for this magnificent occasion, EMY Africa hosted a weekend-exclusive soiree in Lagos, Nigeria. This splendid event took place at the esteemed Mercedes Benz showroom, adding a touch of glamour to the affair.

The distinguished platform, established by Mr Kojo Soboh, is entirely devoted to commemorating exceptional African men and personalities. This recognition is for their outstanding achievements, substantial contributions, and profound influence in driving constructive change across Africa and beyond. Notably, this tribute also extends to extraordinary women who are challenging established norms, with complementary awards that honour their remarkable pursuits.

With the theme “Stylish Billionaire,” attendees unequivocally embraced the essence of opulence, ensuring their fashion choices exuded a billion-dollar flair.



Photography: @twinsdntbeg @swagofafricanews